December 22, 2015

Gov Huckabee is owed an apology by the Media for not revealing truth of Common Core Coup #imwithHuck #tcot #sgp

Huckabee was wrongly blamed for Federal Coup of Common Core~
...In 2009 the National Governors Association began a project with the objective of developing that parents and teachers know what they need to do to help them. ... Placing American students in a position in which they can compete in a global economy." ...

...In 2010 the U.S. [DOE]..Obama...offered grants to states that would adopt "internationally...standards..." called... "Common Core Standards". This introduced confusion over the standards and the entity that had control of the standards, moving from state control to federal control. This was done under the umbrella of "The Elementary and Secondary Education Act" of 1965 and revised by the "No Child Left Behind Act" of 2002. The Department of Education released grants for their version of Common Core with strings attached. ...

...On December 8th 2013, [Governor Huckabee] said, "I don’t support what Common Core has become in many states or school districts. I am dead set against the Federal government creating a uniform curriculum for any subject. I oppose the collection of data on any student in order to identify them and then track them, and certainly any effort to give that information to the federal government."...

NGA Common Core Statement on curriculum not a part of the original common core

Quote~ "...While the standards set grade-specific goals, they do not define how the standards should be taught or which materials should be used to support students. States and districts recognize that there will need to be a range of supports in place to ensure that all students, including those with special needs and English language learners, can master the standards. It is up to the states to define the full range of supports appropriate for these students...."

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