October 17, 2014

Gridlock by not electing Governor Snyder may just work #MIGOP #MIGOV #rightmi #migrassroots

Bill Ballenger, Kyle Melinn make the point that might have to be considered in this election.

Video found atVoteForGridlock.com
Its pretty bad when our BEST alternative comes from tying the hands of our lawmakers so that they might accomplish none of their goals. Its bad when either gubernatorial candidate represents a regressive or potentially dangerous path for our state. Its uncomfortable to have to advocate such a position, but Ballenger, and Melinn get it.
Look, its not as if we didn’t warn of the poison infecting the Republican party before. Mark Schauer is BAD NEWS. But Rick Snyder, beyond whatever reasonable reforms already made, has his own plans that we will not, and can not support any more than the Democrat’s own.
If Snyder loses, (which appears to be less probable the more folks see Schauer) it must be seen as a clear repudiation by conservatives, and a loss of the base. Don’t think the flags wouldn’t be raised for broader support of the Schauer (leftist) doctrine. As we have seen already, the Romney loss and subsequent misplaced blame was a severe example of denial by party leadership.
As you can see from the article below, Governor Snyder will be doing this.  Here is a very good statement on the subject of Marriage:

Abigail Nobel~ It's not only about morality, and the IRS rules are incidental. The heart of the matter goes all the way down to natural law, and civilized countries have acknowledged it for over 1000 years. The American founders put it this way:
"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted ...."
Rock bottom principle: marriage is a civil institution because government thereby secures essential rights, the rights of fathers to their families. Take away marriage laws, and fathers have no enforceable rights. Mothers can take the kids, kick out the Dad, deny access, with no legal recourse. With marriage laws, families are secure. Without them, society is survival of the fittest.

Governor Snyder calls for adding LGBT protections in Elliot-Larsen Act

flagOn Thursday Michigan's Governor Rick Snyder joined a growing coalition of voices calling for the inclusion of LGBT people in the state's civil rights protections. Joining Snyder in his announcement were the Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Grand Rapids Area Chamber

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