September 27, 2014

Important Voter Information for the Michigan Supreme Court-Please Share!

To my Michigan Family & Friends,
Please help Michigan retain a Michigan Supreme Court made up of judges that interpret the law rather than legislate from the bench.  Below & attached is who we need to vote for to have such a court.

Good evening-
As you may know, absentee ballots are available next week.  Please share the attached with all of those in your networks-your friends, families, those groups you belong to, neighbors, colleagues-all Michigan voters!  It is critical we maintain the Rule of Law Michigan Supreme Court.
Justice Brian Zahra, Justice David Viviano and Judge James Robert Redford understand the proper role of the court and follow the law.  Their opponents are well funded (one is self funded) and very organized-they would like to take back the court and turn it into another legislative branch of government where they create laws based on their personal beliefs and opinions-we all remember in 2008 when the Democrats ran the untrue Justice Cliff Taylor "sleeping judge ad"-unfortunately, the lie worked.  We are at risk of losing the 5-2 Rule of Law majority once again this year. 
Please share the attached on social media, email  and feel free to print off copies-let's get their names out there!

Thank you for your support of our Michigan Supreme Court candidates.

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If everyone knew all there is to know, they would not do half the things they do, including myself, therefore I must foregive them, including myself.

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