August 04, 2014

@jonathanalter, The path off this precarious cliff the USA is on #tcot #sgp #p2

The path off this precarious limb the USA is on

Constitutional conduct will eliminate 90% of the current federal spending, but being we are out on this limb, we had better get back to the vine before we cut it off.  We need transition and the only way you will afford it given our present crisis is to take the federal taxes out of the price of American goods and service to transition from SSI, Medicare/aid to HSA/IRAs, State controlled, individually owned and inheritable.  If you implement the HSA/IRA at the same time FairTax ends payroll taxes, all taxes from your paycheck, you are in control of your entire paycheck. You will be paid over time for  every dollar you put into the SSI into your private HSA/IRA.  As the need for unconstitutional programs dwindles, be sure there is a clause added that as the tax revenue exceeds spending, the tax rate is automatically cut.

HSA/IRAs will work

Saving the USA Fiscally

Simple way to Jubilee~ The Federal reserve on one day pay all outstanding debt within the USA and then switch to a Treasury currency dollar for dollar up to 112 Million in trade and then ten cents on the dollars traded there higher.

This Jubilee is the fix to the monetary policy, ending the federal reserve.

To understand the need to level the wealth, read the book:  'The Good Earth'.

Note:  The 112 million above was 12 million, but someone hacked it up.  I could live with that.

If everyone knew all there is to know, they would not do half the things they do, including myself, therefore I must foregive them, including myself.

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