June 16, 2014

Governor Mike Huckabee~ Eric Cantor Gets Shown The Door...#TCOT SGP #10th #GOP #DEM

Mike Huckabee

Dear robert,

Eric Cantor gets shown the door, and no one saw it coming. The House majority leader made history by being the first person in America who held that position to be defeated in a primary. If the post-mortems from the pundit class are so brilliant and accurate, then why didn't they have a clue before the fact? Explanations have run all over the map for Cantor's stunning defeat---The Tea Party influence, Cantor's support for immigration reform, his being better connected to the Washington crowd than to his district, and his over confidence due to his raising 22 dollars for every dollar that David Brat, his opponent had. All of those issues were certainly a factor, but I don't think the winning candidate, David Brat, has been given enough credit. Fact is, Brat, the Randolph Macon economics professor, happens to be a very articulate, common sense candidate. It wasn't all about what Cantor did wrong—it was also what Brat did right. He connected with people about free markets, and spoke about making sure that laws applied to the big boys on Wall Street who not only were too big to fail, but too big to jail. 

Thank you for your continued interest,


Mike Huckabee

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