May 08, 2014

Obama's Science Advisors Deliver Warning to America

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May 08, 2014

Dear Friend,

President Obama's science advisors just released an 840-page report claiming that Americans are already being affected by "climate disruption." That's the hot new term. They blame manmade climate change for everything from longer ragweed seasons to the melting of Antarctica. Critics called it "alarmist." But instead of more arguing over whether or not it's true, let's cut to the chase: even if it is true, what do we do about it? The energy industry is already reducing pollution with new technology like fracking, which environmentalists fight tooth and nail. The "progressive" cure is for the rest of us to scale back our lifestyles to caveman levels while the government hands out billions of tax dollars to cronies like Solyndra. As a conservative, I strongly favor conservation. As a grandfather, I want to protect the Earth for future generations. But I have a hard time believing the best way to do that is to turn over all our freedoms and money and control over the very planet itself to the same brain trust that created the Obamacare website.

Now, I'm not refuting the science in this new report. But I'd like to offer proponents of climate change, or disruption, or whatever it's called now, a little advice on how to persuade people. Blogger Glenn Reynolds often writes, "I'll believe this is a serious problem when the people who claim it's a serious problem start acting like it's a serious problem." When you lecture us that we're destroying the Earth by turning on our porch lights or not giving Gas-X to our cows, while you travel to your lectures in private jets and motorcades…you just might be a hypocrite. 

Don't tell us that if people in the Third World aspire to live in anything better than mud huts, they'll melt the polar ice caps and flood the coasts, then buy yourself multi-million-dollar beach-front mansions. President Obama spent Earth Day jetting around making speeches to warn us how we're all destroying the planet. It's estimated that just the Air Force One part of his travels burned nearly 36,000 gallons of jet fuel and belched out over 375 tons of CO2. Ever heard of "teleconferencing?" Environmental activists carp that Americans pay more attention to late night comics than to them. Maybe it's because the late night comics were at least observant enough to ask, if you really care about trees so much, why did you put out an 840-page report?




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If everyone knew all there is to know, they would not do half the things they do, including myself, therefore I must foregive them, including myself.

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