March 31, 2014

Fwd: Michigan Part Time Legislature Effort

To the Editor:
When Michigan was born as a State and its Constitution drafted, our Founders set our legislators’ schedule to serve only as a part-time legislature. Not until 1963, by amendment to our state Constitution, did Michigan come to have a full-time legislature.
Michigan is one of only FOUR states with a full-time legislature, joining New York, California, and Pennsylvania in this distinction. The other 46 states enjoy some form of part-time legislature.
Our legislators cannot solve our economic problems through economic manipulation at the expense of precious tax dollars; or by creating more onerous laws that result in more regulations that often burden our people and our businesses, and discourage outside investors from considering our state.
For real change to happen in Michigan, we need to let commerce work. We need competitively priced energy, low taxes, and less uncertainty in the management of our industries. That in turn will create employment opportunity in Michigan.
Consider what Michigan might look like to potential investors as a low regulation, industry friendly state. Ask yourself what Michigan would look like to families as they see their children securing careers in our state while being able to keep generational families intact.
Today, our legislators serve for only 120 days, but receive over $80,000 in salary. In fact, our legislators pay continued to increase right through the recent recession. Under a new plan developed by the non-partisan Committee To Restore Michigan’s Part-Time Legislature, legislators’ salaries would be capped at $35,000. But the money we would save by cutting legislative salaries would be dwarfed by the potential money realized by the creation of fewer new laws that do little more than hinder job growth.
We need to collect 400,000 signatures in 90 days to put a proposal for a Part-time Legislature on the ballot for the general election, which takes place on Tuesday, November 4.
We must work together to accomplish this, because our legislators refuse to do it for us.
The Committee To Restore Michigan’s Part-time Legislature welcomes you to learn more about their mission. Visit and view a sample petition.
Together, we can take the word “career” out of Michigan’s politics and replace “Pure Michigan” with “Pure Public Service.”
To speak to someone locally about this issue, or if you would like to sign a petition or volunteer to circulate petitions, please contact Tab Faber at 989-435-8851; or Kelly Miller at 989-578-2820.
Tab Faber

Here are some pointers to avoid an invalid petition:

Please study the petition instructions carefully and encourage potential circulators to do the same.  We must create an army of circulators getting ten valid signatures at a time to be successful.
This is a citizen driven effort. 

We must do this together! 


In Liberty,

WTP Steering committee

If you believe that WE THE PEOPLE are the CLEARLY DESIGNATED BENEFICIARIES of a CONTRACT that our government is to rule under CONSTITUTION, We must seek and promote Moral, Fiscal, Constitutional Representatives.

Peter Konetchy for 4th district house of representatives

If everyone knew all there is to know, they would not do half the things they do, including myself, therefore I must foregive them, including myself.

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