March 10, 2014

Fwd: Eternal Life for Atheists...

Mike Huckabee
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Shocking Details From Inside Planned Parenthood

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The Criterion newspaper printed a shocking interview with former Planned Parenthood nurse Marianne Anderson, who spent two years in Indiana’s largest abortion facility. She says what she saw made her sick to her stomach. A doctor who made callous comments about dismembered fetuses, and snapped at patients who cried. A teenager pressured by her mother to get an abortion she didn’t want. A young Korean girl brought in by a man whom she claimed beat her and held her captive. But nobody called the police. Constant pressure to bring in money by performing more abortions, and reprimands if she asked a patient if she was sure that’s what she wanted. Ms Anderson thought she’d be providing safe health services to women. Instead, she called it, quote, “a money-grubbing, evil, very sad, sad place to work.” Planned Parenthood receives about 360 million of our tax dollars a year. By law, none of it is supposed to go to fund abortions. But don’t question that, or they might accuse you of waging a war on women. 

Eternal Life...

The group American Atheists sued back in 2011 to block the display of what’s called the World Trade Center Cross, formed when 2 beams of metal girding melted into what appeared to be a cross. It was discovered by rescue workers who found solace in the presence of the cross. Many of the workers-- Christian, Jewish, and others --were encouraged and given hope as they encountered the sight of the beams. But not everyone was encouraged. The American Atheists have sued to prohibit the display of the beams in the museum which tells the story of the World Trade Center and the selfless heroes who initially risked their lives to save lives buried in the rubble, and then spent months risking their safety and health looking for remains of those murdered on 9-11. Whether the Atheist group likes it or not, that cross is part of the story and history of the rescue effort. I’m tempted to simply say to the American Atheists, “get over it, you whiny self-absorbed loons.” But that wouldn’t be polite, so let me say it another way. The Atheists claim that the mere presence of the cross caused them to suffer indigestion, depression, headaches and more physical symptoms. Seriously? It takes more faith to believe that nonsense than for them just to say that they can’t stand it for some people to have a joy that escapes their pathetic lives. The case is now pending before the US Court of Appeals. If I sued someone every time I was offended by those who treated my faith with ridicule and contempt, I’d keep a large law firm in business. I’m not in the least offended by the Jewish star of David or by the Muslim moon and stars. But I am offended that an activist group of atheists get their shorts in a wad because of what the atheists say are just 2 metal beams of scrap metal. If I were the judge, I’d tell the atheists that since they think other people are stupid to see something spiritual in those beams, then just laugh at them for seeing something in scrap metal and get a life. The good news is that the ultimate judge still would like to give even those atheists an eternal life.

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Gun Fight

In the wake of the Sandy Hook school shooting, Connecticut lawmakers passed strict new gun control laws. Critics argued that none of them would have prevented that atrocity, but the legislature passed them anyway. They required that all rifles labeled as assault weapons be registered with the state. Well, many gun owners cited the principle of civil disobedience against what they saw as an unconstitutional law and simply refused. There are an estimated 372,000 such rifles in, and only 50,000 applications for registration came in by the deadline. The state then said those who missed the deadline had to give up their rifles. That just reinforced the longtime fear of gun owners that the left dismissed as paranoia: that gun registration would be followed by confiscation. So now, gun owners were even more motivated to keep quiet.

This stand-off inspired one of the dumbest newspaper editorials in modern times. The Hartford Courant argued that gun owners who refuse to comply with the new law somehow be identified, arrested, charged with a felony and jailed for up to five years. Never mind all the police work that would take, just imagine the cost of jailing 322,000 gun owners for five years. It’s always amusing to me when “progressives,” who usually love the idea of civil disobedience, suddenly start screaming, “Off with their heads!” if anyone takes a principled stand against one of their own policies. Those who think there should be nationwide gun registration should look to Connecticut to see why that would never work. In a University of Chicago survey, 30 percent of the population admitted to owning guns. That’s about 95 million people. And those are just the ones who openly admitted it. As we saw in Connecticut, that’s not a reliable figure. Remember the argument from the left for immigration reform, that we can’t arrest 11 million people? Well, try arresting 95 million people. Especially when they all have guns!


The question most often presented in light of the crisis in Crimea is, “What should the President do?” Let me be so bold as to say that it’s the wrong question. The question is, “What should the President have been doing the past 5 years to avoid this Gordian knot?” Vladimir Putin didn’t just wake up one morning and impulsively order thousands of his elite airborne soldiers to drop in on Crimea to have a look-see at the port. He made a calculated gamble that the Barak Obama who fumbled the ball in Syria worse than Peyton Manning’s opening snap in the Super Bowl, and who turned his red line into a red face; who botched what once was a reliable Egyptian ally into the arms of a waiting Putin; the Barak Obama who boasted of flexibility with former President Medvedev after the election, but whose only flexibility seems to be with the truth; the President Obama who relaxed sanctions on Iran and got face-slapped by the Iranians who danced in the streets for getting what they wanted and giving nothing in return; the Obama who treats Israel like a disease and the Palestinians like a cure; The Obama who left 4 Americans to die in Benghazi and awkwardly tried to blame an amateur video; and the Obama who just announced massive cuts to the military…yes THAT Barak Obama is a person who is not respected and certainly not feared by Putin, so when Putin had the excuse of protecting his interests in a warm water seaport and storm into Crimea, he knew that there was no one to stop him. If Putin shivered, it was only because he was going shirtless on a cold Russian day—not because he feared anything Obama could do to him. And those who wonder why the Europeans are so very quiet is because Putin has his boot and their necks by way of his hand being on their thermostats. They might like the idea of Ukranian freedom, but not as much as they love the warmth of their homes fueled by Russian oil and gas. Had America been turning on its own spigots of energy, Europe could have purchased energy from us, but we have a President who doesn’t like oil…or gas…or coal…or nuclear energy…he opts for green energy, which is great except that no one has figured out how to make it profitable or affordable just yet. As for fear that America would use its military to force Putin to stand down his, we’ve worn our out in repeated deployments in Afghanistan, and are cutting back on what’s left of it so we’ll have the smallest military since pre-World War 2. You really can’t shoot when you’ve unloaded your gun. No other nation trusts us, listens to us, respects us, or fears us. We’ve become the Shakiest Gun in the West….and President Obama is playing the role of Don Knotts. Or maybe he is reprising another Don Knotts character—that of Deputy Barney Fife who kept one bullet in his shirt pocket. But then again, Barney at least had the one bullet. Putin doesn’t have a shirt, and we don’t have a bullet in the pocket of ours.


Thanks for your continued interest in my efforts.  I hope you enjoyed these commentaries. I will send along some more very soon.



Mike Huckabee

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