February 01, 2014

Hear Dave Agema at ADA Headquarters Fremont, #MI Feb 07/14-7PM #MIGOP #rightmi #Michigan #MIGOV

  • American Decency Association headquarters – 203 E. Main Street Fremont mi
  • Friday, February 7 - 7:00 pm - Dave Agema at ADA headquarters

    Dave was just interviewed by Sandy Rios on American Family Radio this morning. For the full interview, 
    Click audio

    Dave is being attacked like other people whom we have seen similarly attacked for their Biblical stands. I think of Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Louis Gohmert. 

    Those in the greater Grand Rapids area will have a great opportunity to hear former Michigan State Representative Dave Agema share his love for our country, the U.S. Constitution - in short - faith, family and freedom.

    Here in summary:

    It’s cold in Michigan right now but, things are unfairly heating up for National Republican Party Committee member Dave Agema. Agema is considered by many to have been one of Michigan’s most conservative state representatives ever. 

    It has been quite clear for some time now that posing as a conservative plays better than truly being conservative. 

    While the national GOP is desiring to broaden its base of voters in the hopes of regaining control of the U.S. Senate, others believe that the Republican Party loses national elections on a regular basis, including the Presidency because it not only shies away from its conservative moorings, but runs rough shod over its conservative philosophy of smaller government and constitutionalism. 

    Individuals like Mark Levin, talk show host and former Chief of Staff to Attorney General Edwin Meese (Reagan Administration) point to the long litany of RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) that the GOP old guard glad hands to the front: Gerald R. Ford, Robert Dole, George H. Bush, George W. Bush, John McCain and most recently Mitt Romney. Constitutional conservatives point to the reality that the only true conservative in recent memory that the Republican Party has nominated to be President has been Ronald Reagan. They also point to the fact that the RINOs disrespected Reagan and fought him tooth and nail as he was clearly not their candidate of choice. 

    Yet through Reagan’s integrity, savvy, and his immense communication skills, he was able to articulate his message of peace through strength, smaller government, etc. to the American people. He had to fight off the moderate types of his day but in the end his convincing rhetoric won the day, not only vaulting him to landslide victories but to unquestioned success as the President of the United States. Polls in recent years reveal that President Ronald Reagan is considered one of the best Presidents to ever serve the United States. 

    Reagan energized the base as he spoke with passion, intelligence, and conviction on matters that concern the grassroots: the sanctity of life, lower taxes, the defense of traditional marriage, smaller government, capitalism, and peace through strength. 

    Where does Dave Agema fit in to all of this? Is Agema a constitutionalist? Is he a conservative? 
    Indeed, he is a conservative and a constitutionalist, but he is also unashamedly a Christian. He speaks so boldly and passionately because he believes that the morals that God puts forth in his Word are the best hope for America's future. There are those pushing for Dave Agema's removal as a National Party Committee member.

    What does Mr. Agema have to say in regards to those who are pushing for his removal? He says, “I stand on the same issues I always have—God, family, and country.”

    Dave Agema has been at a couple of our events. We've had the utmost respect for Mr. Agema and his stands for national defense and traditional morals.

    In a day and age when adherence to Biblical values are often looked upon as old-fashioned and outdated at best, and as hate speech at worst, when most will shy away from taking a strong stand for what is right, Dave Agema stands for what he and what we believe is best for the nation as a whole and for families which are the building block of any country.

    We need more statesmen that will stand for truth and do what is best for this nation regardless of how it affects a party or a person's re-election possibilities. 

    In closing, I can only wonder where America would be on matters of national security, the sanctity of life, marriage, the economy, energy, the environment, the military, the Constitution, our courts, the balance of power, if our government was permeated with men and women with the passion, convictions, and leadership with people like Dave Agema. 

    Hope to see you at each event. We at ADA believe it will be well worth your time.

    There is no admission fee but your freewill gift encourages and allows us to press on as I hope you can see is our desire via our monthly newsletter, monthly bulletin insert, our regularly scheduled speakers, summer conferences, radio broadcast - Decency Minute heard daily on AFR (91.7 FM) and on Sirius XM Family Talk.

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