January 14, 2014

A full assault by the Nationalist De Tat via party planks in School.

This is a full assault of the Nationalist Coup de tat:

 The use of the educating of public schools to fulfill the political planks of a party, of the Beast itself.

Tom McMillin~
"Today it was reported that the MI State Board of Education:
"- Discussed the process of developing and implementing the Next Generation Science Standards."

WELL - the "Next Generation Science Standards" are already developed by another private entity (like Common Core is), it is the continued nationalization of our education system...and is replete with "man-made global warming" as factual throughout.

Here is what Gongwer reporting agency reported about part of today's MI State Board of Ed mtg:

"SCIENCE STANDARDS: School districts will also see new science standards by the end of the year.

The department is planning to have a final version of the Next Generation Science Standards [determined and copyrighted by Achieve, Inc.] to the board by November, Mr. Flanagan said.

Some board members raised concerns that the time was excessive given that the board, through presentations and public comment, had been discussing the issue for several months, but Mr. Flanagan and others said there was still work needed to be sure the new standards would align with the Common Core State Standards and other things going on in the state.

Ms. Weiser said there had been concerns raised not only that the standards did not align with the Common Core, but that their narrowed focus left out some topics students would need for college. She said those and other questions would need to be answered before the board should approve them.
Mr. Flanagan said there were concerns at the department level of having the time to get those questions answered given the other issues staff are addressing if the deadline was moved up, particularly considering recent trends of both the board and the Legislature adding items to the department's task list with shorter deadlines.""


If everyone knew all there is to know, they would not do half the things they do, including myself, therefore I must foregive them, including myself. 

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