January 24, 2014

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Shooting from the hip

TAC founder Michael Boldin on a problem we're having.

I don't know how else to put this

I'm not really good at being a politician, because I generally despise them.  So all I can do is shoot straight from the hip. I hope you can appreciate my honesty.

Today, the Tenth Amendment Center received a direct attack by the George Soros-funded ThinkProgress - a major establishment organization with tens of millions of dollars at their disposal.

If we don't get some help  taking these people on, we're in some big trouble.  We just can't keep going on like this, begging to barely get by. 

please help us HERE:  http://rally.org/tenthamendmentcenter

Here are some choice quotes about TAC at ThinkProgress today:

"radical tactics"
"makes John Calhoun look like a moderate"
"They fear the federal government with pathological intensity"
our goal is "burning it down"

They basically warned people to not work with us because we are so dangerous to the future of the country.


The TAC is operated from a spare bedroom, now a home office, in my apartment.  We're going head to head with the NSA, gun control, Obamacare, and George Freaking Soros.

We are struggling to raise a mere $30,000, and are actually 4 thousand SHORT!  But with that little, we've still had so much impact that this Soros group is attacking us.

30 thousand vs 40 million.  This is David v Goliath.  We'll continue taking them on, but you know what?  30K isn't really going to cut it.  4 more thousand gets us to our baseline goal - so we can stay open.  We really need significantly more than that.

Please help us out in a big way right now:

I'm working 80+ hours almost every week.  I recently put in 17 days without one off - I got to the point that I put in so many hours that I was brought to tears a few times.

Mike Maharrey, our communications director - works a good 50 hours a week and makes $700 a month.  7 hundred.  That's embarrassing.  He has to keep a part time job at 4 in the morning so he can pay his bills.  We should all be thanking him for his dedication.

Amanda Bowers, our outreach director - she's working 30 hours a week, I think. Probably more. She makes $600 a month.

Other team members like Shane Trejo and Jeff Stewart make $100 or $150 a week.

Basically, everyone's a volunteer.

While I'm very grateful for all these good folks - and other people who donate their time, facts are facts - people CANNOT volunteer their time like this forever.

Maharrey - there's no way he can continue this pace.  No way.  Eventually, he'll have to quit.

In fact, that's just what happened with one of our original volunteers this week, Lesley Swann.  She's put in hundreds of volunteer hours - and had to step down to take care of her health.  She doesn't have the time to keep a job, take care of her family life, her health - and be in the loop of all the things we're working on.  No way.  If we could afford to hire her away from her day job, we'd have one of the best activists in the country.

But people need to pay their rent. I know I do.

I'll ask again.  PLEASE HELP US.
here:  http://rally.org/tenthamendmentcenter

There are TEN STATES with bills to thwart the NSA, that's why the establishment is attacking us.

There are EIGHT STATES taking on Obamacare with more coming, that's why the establishment is attacking us.

There are TEN STATES taking on federal gun control, with more coming. That's why the establishment is attacking us.

Last week, the SC house voted 100-ZERO - to virtually ban drones without a warrant. This will kill that program, because the only way for it to take off is through unrestricted use. Yesterday, an NH house committee voted unanimously to approve an anti-NDAA indefinite detention bill.

We're doing this on less than 30 thousand dollars.  When I think about that, it blows my mind. There's no way we can keep this up without getting to another level financially.  We don't need their millions, but yeah, it costs money to do what we're doing.

We run ad campaigns to get people active in support of nullification bills.  They work. We report on legislation, put together handbooks to explain the legal principles to legislators, deal with media requests, write op-ed articles in major publications, organize grassroots events, publish books and DVD's and a lot more.

If we were at $50K or $100K, we could afford to keep Mike Maharrey on - and Amanda could work more time.  We could run bigger action campaigns and increase the # of bills that we will get passed this year.  We could get ourselves in the major media MORE OFTEN - because we could afford a few hundred dollars a month in PR from a great firm that has offered us discounted rates.

In other words - if we were just at 1/5 of 1% of the fundraising of ThinkProgress, we could move mountains.

Can you give us $10?  Or $1000?

PLEASE HELP US.  I want this to continue.  I hope you do too.
here:  http://rally.org/tenthamendmentcenter

Can you give us $10,000 or more?  Please call, 213.935.0553 and let's make it happen.

Wish us luck, and thank you for everything.

Concordia res parvae crescunt
(small things grow great by concord)

Michael Boldin
Founder, Tenth Amendment Center

PS - THANK YOU for getting us this far.  I never imagined us getting to the point that TAC was so big we couldn't manage the work to do. We are way beyond that point, and I hope with all my heart that you believe in us enough to help us carry on.


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