December 02, 2013

Dr Rob Steele for UM Regent

Dr Rob Steele asks your support for UM Regent
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Rob Steele For UofM Regent

Dr. Rob Steele for UofM Regent

Dear friends and activists,
I wanted you to be among the first to know I am running for the University Of Michigan Board Of Regents.  I seek to be nominated at the 2014 Michigan Republican Party Convention.  At the 2012 State Convention your support led me to a strong victory in a four way Regent contest.
     The University of Michigan continues to face many of the challenges I campaigned on in 2012. Keeping our best and brightest in the state by accommodating qualified Michigan residents is a top priority and will give our taxpayers  an appropriate return on over 150 years of investment and make sure our future intellectual capital, and more of our children and grandchildren remain in Michigan.
     The problem of rising tuition costs fueled by federal dollars has actually worsened and the unrestricted portions of the endowment must be used to better align the incentives between the University and their students. I proposed tuition rebates for STEM degree graduates that remain in Michigan, and students who graduate early by utilizing the near empty physical plant during Spring and Summer terms.
     Managing the risk of the University's huge capital costs and physical plant in an era of a rapidly changing educational landscape driven by technology and open online learning requires a Board that is engaged, creative and independent of special interests.
     The need to require all undergraduates read the founding documents of the United States including the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and both the Federalist and Anti-Federalist papers has been a much copied campaign topic.
     I introduced the idea of regular office hours for the public and monthly meetings rotating around the state by Congressional District, thus helping underscore the true nature of this statewide elected office.
     New challenges to the MCRI require Regents that are steadfast in their belief that all applicants are treated equally. Period. This is not negotiable and requires no additional comment.  Virtually all Republicans will tell you they support MCRI now, unfortunately many establishment Republicans fought the ballot initiative when presented to the voters in 2006!
     I have many additional ideas regarding the nature of individual rights on campus, the role "out of state" students play in Michigan elections and a tuition guarantee program to name only a few.

I look forward to meeting with you to discuss these and other issues (healthcare?) in person and again ask for your support.

Dr. Rob Steele
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