November 09, 2013

The IRS gets caught and the Texas strategy | FairTax Friday 11/1/2013



"Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored." - Aldous Huxley

The IRS Gets Caught Red Handed

This week Judicial Watch revealed they've obtained a series of emails confirming that Lois Lerner, former IRS Director of Exempt Information Organizations, released confidential information on the tax status of conservative groups to the Federal Election Commission – a clear and absolute violation of federal law. 

Maybe that's why the U.S. Justice Department has hired two high-powered Washington law firms to represent 19 IRS workers involved in the recent targeting scandals! Yes, now the American taxpayers are paying the salary and the legal fees of IRS workers who have wrecked financial, emotional and legal havoc on individuals and organizations across the country. 

How ironic is it that when the IRS targets a law-abiding citizen, the poor sap doesn't have the option of calling the Justice Department and saying, "Hey, hire me a high priced Washington law firm and send the taxpayers the bill." No sireee, not for We the People.

One can only wonder how many of the IRS employees being represented by these elite law firms are part of the 700 IRS contract workers who owe $5.4 million in back taxes or who paid illegal immigrants $4.2 billion in child-credit payments, or who erroneously paid between $110 billion and $132.6 billion in improper earned income tax credits? It's enough to make your head spin right off your shoulders!

The only way to stop this insidious, incompetent assault on the American people by a federal agency empowered for 100 years as a political pit bull, is to REPLACE not reform it.

To that end, our work is far from done. The Committee on Ways and Means will soon vote, for the first time, on HR 25, the FairTax Act of 2013. If the Committee does not believe that a majority of Americans demand the FairTax plan, they will act accordingly. 

No amount of TV or radio will have the impact that you, the constituent has. This week would you please contact just 10 people and ask them to call their elected Representative and simply state, "I want Representative X to support HR 25 - the FairTax?" 

Folks, there is power in numbers! If just 100,000 of you will do this and your 10 friends honor your request and make their calls, Congress will hear from 1 million people before next Friday.  You think that won't give won't give them pause?

Edward Everett Hale said, "I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something that I can do." 

Here's to you and what you can do!

Until next week, 

 Cynthia T. Canevaro - Cindy

Cindy Canevaro

Executive Director

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The FairTax Grassroots Spotlight

By Marv Kuhn, Volunteer Texas FairTax Director

Marv Kuhn

In 2008 and 2012, we experienced another series of elections where neither the Presidential or Vice-Presidential candidates supported the FairTax. In addition, we witnessed numerous Congressional candidates, both incumbents and challengers, who made public statements of support but once elected, chose not to formalize their support through co-sponsorship of HR 25.  

The 2014 elections will soon be upon us. If we do not aggressively pursue co-sponsors now, I fear we are destined to repeat the 2008 and 2012 experience in 2014 and 2016.

While the upcoming vote by the Committee on Ways and Means is a critical step on the road to the FairTax becoming law, without the required majority in both the House and Senate, and a President willing to sign HR 25 into law, the FairTax faces an uphill battle.

That is why I have aggressively pursued a co-sponsor strategy here in the great state of Texas.

In the event a Texas Representative or Senator runs for President or Vice-President and wins – they will carry their FairTax support into the oval office. While we have a long way to go for a clean sweep, I am proud to report that in Texas we have 16 co-sponsors of HR 25 in the House, including 2 members of the Committee on Ways and Means, and 2 co-sponsors of S 122 in the Senate.

Over the past few years several grassroots based organizations, including the Tea Party Patriots, have emerged as a major influencers in Texas elections and nationwide. In almost every case, when a candidate visits their members, they ask them what tax plan they support. In the case of the Tea Party Patriots, their members generally say about 50-50 - FairTax vs. a flat income tax.  

FairTax America, we have a problem and an opportunity.

The problem: a huge education hurdle with major national grassroots organizations. As result, I strongly encourage everyone who wants to see the FairTax become law to immediately and aggressively begin making FairTax presentations to local chapters of major grassroots organizations, including Tea Party Patriots, in your hometown. I submit to you that this should be one of your highest priorities as an advocate of the FairTax Plan.

I have spent the past three weeks talking to these organizations' headquarters and consistently hear that they will adopt the FairTax if enough of their local chapters ask headquarters to do it.

I invite you to join me, right now, in this most critical education endeavor. Don't wait another minute. Call and get on the presentation agenda for the next meeting of these local organizations!

At the conclusion of your presentation, ask the audience to vote on which tax reform plan they favor. Then ask the local chapter head to immediately call and write their national headquarters to convey their chapters support for the FairTax. 

The ball is in our court!

The FairTax Act In The Media

Bradley Byrne uses half-truth approach to Fair Tax –

In an early August candidate forum and more recently on a local radio show, candidate Bradley Byrne grossly mislead voters by stating that "his opponent supports the Fair Tax which is a 23% tax increase and that it hurts the elderly".

The only truth in his statement is that his opponent supports it.  Candidate Byrne failed to inform the electorate that under the Fair Tax Plan, all income and payroll tax withholding is eliminated and all legal families will be able to consume the basic necessities of life free of tax due to the unique "prebate" provision in the Fair Tax legislation.

He also failed to say that the Fair Tax totally replaces all individual and corporate taxes with a single rate consumption tax collected on new goods and services at retail sales counters while relieving every legal resident from taxes on the basic necessities of life.

Repeatedly, studies have shown that all income groups are better off under the Fair Tax, including the elderly.  Be careful of candidates telling half truths.  I know the candidate understands the Fair Tax concepts as I personally explained it to him in a 50 minute session in late July…

- Anthony Gasbarro

Congress should OK FairTax to get rid of IRSThe Cap Times

On Sept. 25, Rep. Rob Woodall sent a letter to FairTax volunteers stating the House Ways and Means Committee will vote on the FairTax for the first time in history. This is a historic event for those who have worked so long for freedom. During the shutdown the IRS was 91 percent shut down. The FairTax would close it for good.

The movie "Unfair" will detail abuses of power and expose the IRS as a blatantly unfair and corrupt entity. The IRS has vast power and has the capability to close a business or put you in jail. The IRS invades our homes, our employers, our banks, our churches, and charities…

With 81 legislators signed onto the FairTax Act of 2013, prospects for passage look good.

- Al Ose

"Understanding The FairTax" Webinar 

With November Special Topic: Why a reformed income tax is NOT the answer

When: Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Time: 8 pm Eastern, 7 pm Central, 6 pm Mountain, 5 pm Pacific

Where: At your personal computer, anywhere!

Why: To provide an interactive forum for people who cannot get to local meetings to learn about the FairTax and to present special topics that are frequently misunderstood or not generally discussed.

Who: Join Marc Manieri, Webinar Producer & Host from Orlando, Florida.

Join: To participate, register here and watch for the confirmation email. For more information contact Larry Walters at

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