September 16, 2013

1st Social Security, then Medicare, now Healthcare with eminent fiscal event coming?

We first got ourselves SSI and trusted the Feds to do right by our money. Went wrong, now with the Congress owing the SSI reserve over 76 Trillion Dollars. Then we took on medicare, putting Seniors on Federal Healthcare. Now we are putting not only low income, but soon all citizens under Federal Healthcare. In a perfect world, that would be great, but look at SSI and Medicare. Can you add that to our current fiscal cliff view?

We can transition from Federal control of nearly 90% of what they spend. SSI and Medicare make up nearly 60% of the budget. We can transition those over 40 and direct those under forty to go to private HSA/IRAs with local investment an option. This cures healthcare affordability with reality and not leeching insurance. Your SSI retirement dollars invested would be returned to you into your HSA/IRA over a transitional period of affording the end to SSI and Medicare.

The need for local investment will explode if we enact the Federal entitlement removal act when we implement FairTax, making for a seamless transaction as FairTax ends payroll taxes. Wage Earners will get their full gross paycheck and have the option to save it via the HSA/IRA, not having to pay federal taxes. It would behoove the States to mandate the HSA/IRA or do away with the Good Samaritan Act and let God's House get back to work.

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