August 22, 2013

Why the flat income Tax? FairTax is the only way to prosperity~

FairTax is 19% as a tax rate, prohibits a VAT, 23%  with 4% returned to us to pay for taxes on essential goods, making no one exempt.  Today, about 22% of the price of food is hidden federal taxes.

Flat Income Tax-

By this action, Greed is in control for a Nationalist power via Marxist Doctrine:
'Progressive Income tax is the greatest of tools in the Communist Box'  ~ Karl Marx.

President Reagan gave us a flat income tax and congress sold 1,900 amendments for waiver and exemption.  Then what happens, GE takes jobs to China from Wisconsin, after a free ride?.  Say no to this reset button on this graft and put us back to work by getting federal taxes out of the price of goods and services.

Get rid of the IRS and give us back our liberty!  FairTax TCOT SGP

         'Saving the USA Fiscally ~ FairTax Flat Tax'


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