August 31, 2013

The Minimum Wage in 2013

The minimum wage-

Almost as unconscionable as leaving federal taxes embedded in domestic product price when going to free trade this 30 years, the period in which we lost our manufacturing industry.

Now we are to the point where not only do we have the Federal government have a track record of maintaining an unemployment pool high enough to keep workers lined up at the door to hire, but now we have a communist law that tells employers they don't have to hire for more then this minimum wage or pay more.

When the Minimum Wage act was created, the same standard of living today demands $15.08 as a minimum wage.  As you can see, making such an adjustment will counter even more of slowing down this decline.

The cure is:

#FairTax(made for free trade)  and Constitutional Conduct(Federalist #78) #ConCon please!

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