May 27, 2013

Obamacare & IRS are ended in 1 day by FairTax -Letter to Congressman Bentivolio

To Congressman Kerry Bentivolio, 

It must be a real challenge to stay ahead of the DC Shadow power. We have a new awareness that will possibly be what it will take to win the day. Obamacare can be repealed by eliminating the IRS and FairTax does that, ends both. Add to that the follow up of States' Sovereignty turning most regulations into advisories and constitutional conduct applied to federal spending. 

We can also transition SSI and Medicare back to the States with the advise to enact mandated State HSA/IRAs, privately owned and local investment an option. That will be a seamless transition with FairTax ending payroll deductions. Local investment will be a must for what FairTax will do for our economy.

Insist that a line be added to the FairTax HR25 and SR122 that when federal revenue exceeds a certain surplus, the FairTax rate be reduced, allowing for slow reduction of our debt.

Please endorse FairTax HR25. FairTax takes the Federal Government out of the controlling of our Economy, meaning the Capitalism of Free Enterprise will Flourish, bringing about the best possible price of goods to the market. Yes, FairTax will have an unbelievable effect on Corporations. They will be allowed to grow and thrive, something they must now bribe congress to do.

22% of the American Product is embedded federal tax and 29% on average for service. The reduction of Domestic Product Price will be about 17% for Product and about 24% for Service. The remaining 5% that is not reduced is due to the worker keeping their gross pay. The average family cashflow will see at least a 11% increase in buying power.

Why would this be so if FairTax is a tax neutral shift in structure? Because we will no longer be taxed by wage and then have to pay for that same tax again when buying American. Yup, right under our collective nose. Wonder why? I think it might have to do with our killing of babies. Anyway, we can fix that too after this big step. FairTax will make individualism popular again!

Fellow Patriot,

R. George Dunn

"[T]he FairTax entails either a significant or a substantial reduction in the remaining average lifetime tax rates for each income category. The two-adult, two child household with annual income of $20,000 would pay on average 2.4% of its remaining lifetime income to the federal government under the FairTax compared to 7.1% under the current income/payroll tax system – a 67% decrease. The same family with an annual income of $50,000 would pay 11.3% of lifetime income in taxes under the FairTax compared to 17.6% under the current system – a 36% decrease. And finally, the same household earning $500,000 would see taxes as a percent of lifetime income decrease from 35.9% under the income/payroll tax system to 21.1% under the FairTax – a decrease of 41% [!]"

"Although everyone pays the same tax rate [23%] at the cash register, the chart below shows that the effect of the "prebate" is to increase the actual [effective] tax rate (annual taxes paid as a percentage of annual spending) as the level of spending increases, a progressive tax rate structure. For example, a person spending at the poverty level ($31,020 for a family of four) has a 0% effective tax rate because the annual prebate of $7,135 refunds all of the taxes they paid in their annual spending of $31,020. Whereas someone spending at twice the poverty level has an effective tax rate of 11.5%, and so on. Annual spending would have to be in excess of $14 million per year to reach the statutory rate of 23%."

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