January 14, 2013

Tom McMillin (MI Rep)~ Is it time to discuss MIFairTax? #FairTax #tcot #migop #migov #rightmi #p2

Michigan State Representative Tom McMillin~ "is it time for a serious discussion in Lansing of FairTax in MI? it'd need 2/3 support in the legislature to put the Constitutional Amendment on the ballot...or a petition drive. Only those two avenues exist. GOP has 2/3 in the Senate, but would need a substantial amount of bipartisan support in the House."


U.S. states flirt with major tax changes

R. George Dunn
You read this
By Nanette Byrnes
CHAPEL HILL, North Carolina (Reuters) - Hopes for overhauling the federal tax system are fading in Washington, but in some state capitalstax reform experiments - some far-reaching - are fast taking shape.
Across the South and Midwest, Republicans have consolidated control of state legislatures and governorships, giving them the power to test long-debated tax ideas.
Louisiana Republican Governor Bobby Jindal, for instance, called on Thursday for ending the state's income tax and corporate taxes, with sales taxes compensating for lost revenue....(read the rest)

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