January 23, 2013

FLASH: 2nd Amendment Bills Clear Michigan Senate ~Core Principles #MIGOP


Rick Jones
Senator Rick Jones wasted no time keeping the commitment he made to move second amendment bills through his committee. Today in his first Judiciary committee hearing of the year, three important gun bills were approved and sent to the Senate floor:

SB 49, introduced by Tom Casperson - The bill would amend the handgun licensure law to specify that certain records regarding the purchase, transport, or carrying of a pistol would be confidential, would not be subject to disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), and could not be disclosed to any person except for purposes of the licensure law or law enforcement. Read details here.

SB 60, introduced by  Michael Green - The bill would amend the handgun licensure law to revise the definition of "federally licensed firearms dealer", as used in a provision exempting those dealers from the requirement to obtain a license to purchase, carry, possess, use, or transport a pistol. The licensure law exempts certain individuals, including a federally licensed firearms dealer, from pistol licensure requirements. " Read details here.

SB 63, introduced by Phil Pavlov - The bill would create the "Michigan Firearms Freedom Act" to do the following: -- Specify that a personal firearm, a firearm accessory, or ammunition manufactured in Michigan, and remaining within the borders of the State, would not be subject to Federal law or regulation under Congress's authority to regulate interstate commerce. Read details here.

Legislation like this will help protect our second amendment rights by holding off any federal overreach by Congress or the president. It draws a line in the sand and says to the feds, "Come and take it!"

Please thank the Senators for their commitment to the Second Amendment, and thank Senator Jones for his quick action on these bills. (Just click on their names to send them an email.)

Please send a note to Floor Leader Meekhof, asking him to move these bills quickly. As floor leader, he is responsible for putting bills on the floor for a vote.

It is important that your legislators hear from you, not just when you want to urge them to take action, but also when they have done the right thing by the Constitution. Today is a great time to do just that! It only takes a moment.

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