November 23, 2012

Our path we are not taking: E Pluribus Unum~ Out of many, One, under Holy conduct and Blessing~

You know, our current tax system is devised to control the economy, adverse to Free Enterprise.  We have for thirty years distributed industry around the world moving manufacturing from the USA.  That is the by-product of leaving a production tax structure in place when removing the borders on free trade.  

Now we sit on the cliff and the rest of the world is linked to us.  If we fail, they fail.  If we would not accept the production tax and replace it with a consumption tax, needed for Free trade, We would heal the world prosperity and bring about fair trade to the American worker, who has to pay federal tax with wages, then again when buying American product or service.

That is the reason why you cannot have a production tax structure with free trade borders.  You put a handicap on American Industry.  Today it is over 22% of the average price on all product, including agriculture, is embedded federal tax.  29% is the average on services.  

America has a history of free will, meaning that when an solution needed was huge is scope, they fear not change.  We are now at the edge of going into chains or Blessed Prosperity.  We need to but wake up, stop killing babies and embrace 

E Pluribus Unum~ Out of many, One, under Holy conduct and Blessing~

 Out of many, one is the same thing as saying, we leave no one behind. We are all free individuals, free as such, individual and no one dare try to take anyone's right, meant by the many in force.

If everyone knew all there is to know, they would not do half the things they do, including myself, therefore I must foregive them, including myself.

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