November 14, 2012

Michigan can nullify Obamacare and Social Security

Michigan legislature is in the middle of healthcare exchange talks. You need to be aware that Obamacare is headed before the SCOTUS again on religious grounds. 

Also, when the first exemption or waver to Obamacare was granted, it also made the entire process unconstituitonal on it's face. But it also made it possible for Michigan to opt out of Obamacare for we citizens and that means the fees and penalties too. 

My suggestion is for Michigan to go to an HSA/IRA privately owned to replace social security and medicare, using a transitional opt out plan. If you are skeptical that Michigan cannot opt out of these federal programs, look to Galveston, TX, who opted out of social security as a city.

If we go down the road the federal government has mapped out, it will destroy us fiscally and is unconstitutional for the Federal Government to tell us what to buy, let alone control property or the use thereof.

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