September 08, 2012

Todd Akin~ Bait and switch


Ever been sold on one thing, then at the last minute the salesman tries to give you something else?

That's exactly what's been happening with pro-life supporters across the nation, when it comes to the corrupt party bosses.

They sell you on one thing - supporting candidates that will protect the unborn. On taking back the Senate from pro-abortion liberals like Claire McCaskill. On going to bat for pro-life candidates like Todd Akin.

Then what happens when one of those candidates, like Todd Akin, actually dares to stand up for life?

The Party Bosses run for cover. They say, "We don't need to be talking about THAT," or "Abortion isn't a 'winning' issue."

My friends, there are some issues that transcend politics, and protecting the unborn is at the TOP OF THAT LIST!

For too long, the Party Bosses - the same ones that left Todd Akin for dead politicially -- have come to you hat in hand for your support. They ask for your money, your time, and your energy.

They raise money from pro-life supporters like you and me, but they then turn around and give it to people like Scott Brown, but not Todd Akin. Enough is enough!

Like Mike Huckabee said: "If they don't want us, then they don't need us."

Mike and Janet Huckabee have donated the maximum to Todd Akin because they know that Todd won't just talk the talk, he will walk the walk.

Todd Akin doesn't shy away from what he believes in. He will STAND UP for life, regardless of the political consequences. Won't you consider helping Todd stand for life?

If you want a candidate who says "NO" to the corrupt Party Bosses and "YES" to life, support Todd Akin today!



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