September 22, 2012

Quick List of "FairTax Fixes" By Daar Fisher in End Class Warfare (FairTaxers)

Just like oil is being called fossil by-product and carbon is our enemy all lies, so is our tax structure our enemy making the flat tax being called reasonable, our true enemy, having sent all our jobs overseas. You cannot have a closed border for trade tax structure in an open to free trade border. It is insanity, in so many ways, mainly a double tax by taxing your cashflow when buying American, to no one's benefit, not to mention the jobs lost.

Quick List of "FairTax Fixes"
By Daar Fisher in End Class Warfare (FairTaxers) (Files) · Edit Doc
Working together, as Democrats, Republicans, Independents, we can fix America's tax system. Here are some of the "fixes" we can expect by passing the FairTax Act:

• Returns control of the family purse to the family.
• Income tax withholding ended.
• Federal gov't paid, only as families spend and benefit.
• "The rate" is an easily-graspable indicator of fed. costs to families.
• Only those who are genuinely subsistent pay no tax.
• The income tax code is gone.
• Social engineering gone with the tax code.
• Lobbyist numbers shrink by half - no more tax favors.
• FairTax far less prone to corruptible manipulation.
• Taxpayers have "new at retail" purchasing "strike" power to express displeasure.
• Externalizes taxes that are buried in prices - makes true tax load visible.
• FairTax can be jettisoned prior to export, enhancing our exports, and correcting current border problems.
• Trillions of dollars resting off-shore is repatriated.
• The U.S. becomes the global home of business formation, and will set the pace for other nations.
• Prebate replaces bureaucratically code-mediated credits, deductions with cold hard cash against EVERY CITIZEN's basic needs.
• No more income tax returns.
• No more IRS.
• No more threats by IRS (audits, interest, penalites, and worse!)
• Income tax withholding ended.
• Minimizes ability of gov't to compete against private enterprise (non-tax exempt) thereby encouraging "limited gov't."
• Eliminates the current "permission to live" income tax (i.e., tax liability ceases to be incurred by working).
• Purported 4th Amendment violations of income tax system, fixed.
• Purported 5th Amendment violations of income tax system, fixed.
• Purported 1st Amendment violations of income tax system, fixed.
• FairTax clears away the confusion and clutter (and intended Congressional obfuscation) that hampers a clearer focus on Congressional spending because it ends the ability of pitting poor against rich.

The FairTax does not purport to fix Congress's spending problem (that is not its domain); it does, however, remove impediments to focusing on the issue, increases taxpayer's ascension to wealth, and provides options to express their displeasure (other than ceasing to make income).
Go to this link to compare your current tax burden to what FairTax will tax you on what you spend, not what you earn. FairTax also takes the tax out of American product so we can get back more jobs then workers:

If everyone knew all there is to know, they would not do half the things they do, including myself, therefore I must foregive them, including myself.

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