March 17, 2012

$15,000,000,000,000 ($15 trillion) in fraud exposed in UK House of Lords Check our RSS feeds! $15,000,000,000,000 ($15 trillion) in fraud exposed in UK House of Lords

Is this fact or Fiction?  

...He has noticed three separate transactions of $5 trillion each, starting with a $5 trillion transfer to HSBC in the UK, seven days later followed another $5 trillion to the HSBC, and three weeks later another $5 trillion. This is a total of $15 trillion, which has entered into the hands of the HSBC, and onward transit to the Royal Bank of Scotland. This is a serious, serious amount of money, and this story should be on every TV, Radio, Cable, Internet channel and everything in between.
Where did $15 trillion come from? Who has that sort of disposable money, without having to loan it? And if you did loan it, what kind of bank loans out $15 trillion? You have to have some very valuable assets in order to just borrow, or lend out, $15 trillion. Let's delve into this more. Lord James of Blackheath has done his research and claims that the money is the property of what some people have called "the richest man in the world", Yohannes Riyadi.
Lord James of Blackheath has supposedly seem some of his accounts, showing that he owns $36 trillion in a bank. $36 trillion. Yes. This number is consistant if you take into fact that he comes from the emperors of Indo-China "in times gone by". This money has been taken from Riyadi, with his consent, by the American Treasury over the years for the "specific purpose of helping to support the dollar". This would explain how America, and more specifically, President Obama, was able to bail out all of those banks....

If everyone knew all there is to know, they would not do half the things they do, including myself, therefore I must foregive them, including myself.

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