January 11, 2012

Why, as Presidential Candidates, no one speaks to why Romney Bained US Jobs, hey Heritage?

Romney is currently under fire for his Bain Capital buying up failing US Companies and moving the jobs overseas.  Is it his fault he had such an opportunity? No, but running for President and not offering the solution that will stop such, is.
When we went to free trade, we keep the production tax.  This article speaks to keeping this same tax, flat or not.  Production tax places all tax expense into the price of the product produced, 22% average on goods and 29% on services.
If we are to get back employment, we need to change the tax structure, not tweak it as Heritage is advocating, just as if they are a think tank for the Establishment.  Read this blogg and then go to the top of the blogg and find a link to another blogg on the flat tax v. VAT v. FairTax.  The income flat tax proposed is simply the hitting of the reset button on the over 1,400 amendments to the IRS tax code for the purpose of selling the graft all over again by congress greed.

If everyone knew all there is to know, they would not do half the things they do, including myself, therefore I must foregive them, including myself.

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