January 19, 2012

Who has the fairest State of all in America? Does Governor Perry deserve credit?

There is no doubt that Governor Perry has done well being the Governor of Texas. Of all the States in America, Texas has had the spirit and drive to earn the reward of being known for, "Everything is bigger in Texas!"

Here is one part that makes such a statement true.  As Rick Perry states in his book, which is wrote for our time for which Perry should have followed precisely, the consumption tax structure is the only system that is capital free enterprise friendly.
Texas has only the sales tax for supporting their State government burden.  By only taxing sales, the price of product in Texas has the least amount of embedded taxes of most every State in the Union.

In Perry's book, the Governor states that he endorses the FairTax plan that is in the 2011 Congress , both HR25 and SR13.  You add this and the energy plan in Texas to the entire Nation, to a nation that goes back to respecting the Law of the land, and you will see a Renascence as never before recorded in Earth's history.


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Yes, Rick Perry Deserves Credit For The Texas Economy

HOUSTON, TX -  AUGUST 6:   Texas Governor Rick...
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Texas is seeing job growth at a pace that is the envy of the nation. Approximately 40% of the nation’s job growth since June 2009 occurred in Texas. Texas Governor and Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry is hopeful voters will remember this fact when they enter the election booth next year, while Perry detractors argue Perry is merely the inadvertent beneficiary of luck and happenstance.
An Aug. 19 article on the website Slate is typical of the Perry detractors. The article offers three reasons why “it seems silly for Perry to take credit for the state’s performance.”

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