January 13, 2012

Ron Paul: A Chance to Fight Back #Constitution #2012gop #tcot #sgp #SCgop #FLGOP

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This is a sponsored announcement from our friends at Ron Paul 2012.

Dear Fellow Conservative,

My campaign's incredibly strong second-place finish in New Hampshire has the national media stunned.

Add that to my top-tier showing in Iowa, and it's clear I'm the one Republican candidate who can take on and DEFEAT both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama.

The race is becoming more clearly a two-man race between Mitt Romney and me.

So the question is: Do you want a Republican presidential nominee who agrees with Barack Obama on the $700 BILLION TARP debacle, stripping away our God-given Second Amendment rights, forcing Americans to buy only the health insurance government says they can carry, or ripping millions of dollars away from our families to hand over to Planned Parenthood?

Fellow Republican, as a father of 5 and a grandfather of 18 who was privileged to grow up in a strong Christian household, I'm outraged at how often Republicans have caved to Big Government politicians like Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi to wreck our economy, bankrupt our futures, and endanger our national security.

I'm simply FED UP with being told that the U.S. Constitution is outdated and no longer needs to be followed.

And I'm writing to tell you today that you and I don't have to take it any longer.

Freedom is popular, and we can win!

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The truth is, there is only one true conservative choice in this race.

You see, unlike Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, and Jon Huntsman, I won't have to spend precious time in the general election apologizing for agreeing with the President on many of his disastrous policies!

Instead, I'll present a clear conservative, constitutional alternative to Barack Obama.

I'll run on my record - not away from it.

And I'll lay out my Plan to Restore America, which:

***     CUTS $1 trillion in federal spending during the first year of my presidency without taking one penny from our seniors, our veterans, or our national defense;

***     BALANCES the federal budget in my third year;

***     ELIMINATES FIVE federal departments, including the bloated Department of Education, which Newt Gingrich voted to create, and Rick Santorum voted to dramatically expand;

***     REDUCES the federal workforce by 10%, slashes congressional pay and perks, curbs excessive federal travel, and lowers my salary as President from $400,000 to $39,336 - which is roughly equal to the median personal income of the American worker.

No other candidate has put forth such a serious proposal for real change.

No other candidate has received as much support as me from those who know we cannot afford to select Mitt Romney as our nominee.

Matter of fact, many of my opponents have struggled to get on the ballot in several states - or completely missed doing so all together.

So I urge my opponents who have been unsuccessfully trying to be the conservative alternative to Mitt Romney to unite behind my candidacy.

And I urge you to please support my campaign today with a contribution of $100, $50, $25, $10, or whatever you are able to give.

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I believe my constitutional conservative credentials are unmatched.

I am:

***     100% Pro-Life. I have introduced legislation in Congress to federally define life as beginning at conception, and as President, I will fight to repeal Roe v. Wade by passing a "Life at Conception Act."

***    100% Pro-Second Amendment. I've received a lifetime "A" rating from the NRA, and I was given the "Defender of the Second Amendment Award" by Gun Owners of America in 2011. I've voted against gun control - EVERY time.

***     100% Pro-Right to Work. I have never caved to the union bosses' pressure. I voted to defeat Big Labor's "Card Check" scheme, and I will continue the fight I've led as a congressman to the White House by fighting for passage of a National Right to Work Act.

***     100% Pro-Health Freedom. I have introduced legislation in Congress to repeal ObamaCare's hated individual mandate. As President, I will order all federal agencies to stop enforcing any rules and regulations related to ObamaCare, and I will veto any bills that fund this unconstitutional powergrab.

While Mitt Romney receives his most contributions from Wall Street, the top three donors to my campaign by occupation are U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy.

I've received more support from active duty military than all my opponents combined, and my other donors are everyday grassroots Patriots like you who just want to enjoy the full blessings of freedom and pass them on to the next generation.

They know I have the bold plan to cut spending. The dedication to protecting life. The lifelong adherence to the Constitution and limited government. And the necessary support to campaign nationwide against Mitt Romney.

So, after spending just a few hours celebrating my great finish in New Hampshire with my family, I jumped right back on the campaign trail in South Carolina.

I am in this race for the long haul. And I am ready to fight.

And if you're as outraged about the condition of this country as the thousands of other Americans I've met during this election, I know you're ready to fight, too.

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I believe I can ride my momentum to the Republican presidential nomination, rock the establishment, and restore prosperity to our country - but I'm going to need your help to do so.

As I've found out in Congress too many times, when you stand for the Constitution, you often stand alone.

That's why I'm so grateful for the hundreds of thousands of grassroots supporters who have gotten behind my campaign.

Will you join them in taking our country back with a donation to my campaign of $100, $50, $25, $10, or whatever you can spare today?

My staff is already busy implementing an ambitious plan for South Carolina, including hard-hitting voter mail and TV ads.

In fact, I instructed them to add to our South Carolina activities after seeing my strong second-place finish in New Hampshire.

This election is just too critical for us not to give above and beyond our best effort.

But with the establishment desperately trying to derail my campaign, I must have the funds to carry out our operations while also battling back against their lies.

The great news is, my campaign is racking up one success after another in the face of unparalleled opposition.

My opponents are attacking me as hard as they can every chance they get, so your support has never been more important.

You and I don't have to just "settle" anymore for a nominee who presents little-to-no major difference from the other Party.

You and I don't have to hold back as our country is driven off the cliff by those who crave power and can't control their lust for more spending.

You and I don't have to "wait for the next election."

My campaign is making history right now with the support of Patriots like you who are finished with being told by the liberal media and the Republican establishment to sit on the sidelines year after year.

My incredible top-tier finish in Iowa and my tremendous second-place showing in Tuesday's New Hampshire primary demonstrate that I am the conservative alternative that can take on and defeat both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama this year.

But I need your help to continue getting my constitutional conservative message out in South Carolina, Florida, Nevada, and beyond.

Please, donate $100, $50, $25, $10, or whatever you can contribute right away to help me WIN the Republican nomination and give the American people a CLEAR alternative to Barack Obama's disastrous Big Government, big spending administration.

For Liberty,

Ron Paul

P.S. After my top-tier finish in Iowa and my incredibly strong second place showing in New Hampshire, it's clear I'm the one Republican candidate with the resources, volunteers, and organization to take on and DEFEAT both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama.

With your help, I'm hoping to ride this wave of momentum to the Republican presidential nomination.

But to do so, I've got to battle the full weight of the establishment machine while also implementing my strategy for victory in South Carolina, Florida, Nevada, and beyond.

So please, join hundreds of thousands of your fellow grassroots Patriots today in refusing to "settle" for a nominee who will have to spend all of his time apologizing for agreeing with President Obama on policies that bankrupt our country and endanger our liberties.

I urge you to stand with me by donating $100, $50, $25, $10, or whatever you are able to give so we can take this country back for the Constitution and the principles that made America great!

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