January 01, 2012

FairTax Resolutions placed in top ten of Citizens choice before the 2011 Congress

My first words in 2012: What is it that has us paying federal tax by income and then paying for those same taxes again when we buy American product and service? FairTax is the most important Resolution before Congress, as it will end unemployment and cure much of our ills.


David Cort~
The actual reason, in my opinion, that the political world does NOT want the Fair Tax, is that the Fair Tax is the single biggest power shift from government back to the people in history. The current tax code is not about revenue. It's been fairly effectively shown that the Fair Tax is fairer, generates a more consistent and dependable stream of revenue, grows the economy, and sustains the government quite adequately. It is naturally progressive and self-regulating. It is more efficiently collected and it broadens the tax base. None of these points can be effectively refuted. Why do lawmakers (and political pundits who support this brand of lawmaker) make fools of themselves trying?

Because to eliminate the current tax code and replace it with a Fair Tax would mean a total restructuring of the power base. Congress now can regulate both the market and the individual by manipulating the tax code. You act this way, we reward you through the tax code. You act that way, we penalize you through the tax code. This all goes away with the Fair Tax. It is important to remember that what a candidate for president wants or wishes does not (and should not) have any effect on something like the Tax code. Those are things that will be implemented by the Congress with or without Presidential approval or desire. We need to be working on our legislators for this.

What does have to happen at the Presidential level is an elimination of crony capitalism; also used to control us and our behavior. There is a huge "underground" government that has nothing to do with the people who are supposed to make laws. The administrative branch has become huge, and a vast majority of that branch is comprised of some old, bald guy in some office deep within the bowels of government, removed several layers from the people who are tasked with regulating us and accountable to virtually no person or persons. And that guy is effectively making laws at the behest of large donors and as favors to companies that make curly light bulbs nobody wants. These people (the NTSB wants to federally outlaw cell phone use in cars??? Who the hell is NTSB and how do they get to make any laws???) make laws at will that have nothing to do with their right to do so and little to do with anyone's good but the folks they seek favor from and give favor to. Seat belt laws have nothing to do with the "good of the people." They have to do with the good of the auto insurance lobby. Why do pharmaceutical companies LIKE federal regulations that make it long, hard, and expensive to develop a new drug? Because the folks who would and could develop new drugs in competition with them can't afford to develop and market new drugs. THAT is what we need to be after our Presidential candidates about. It is just as invasive and controlling, and liberty-stealing as the tax code and much more insidious.

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