December 29, 2011

Our 2012 election battle line is between Nationalists and Constitutionalists

Our battle line in this election to save our Nation has not been identified.  It is a battle between Nationalists and Constitutionalists.  We either return to the Constitution by realizing our embrace of Federal convenience has become our albatross which is sinking our Nation under the Constitution and ending Liberty and Freedom our Founders framed for us.

Sure, we can embrace a Nationalist conservative to counter a Nationalist liberal, but if you step back you will find they are of the same cloth.  Both are Marxist in design.  We have not travelled down this road of fascism without both parties paving the way. 
Wake up and realize that much of the static against most is media molded crap. We need a Constitutionalist and someone who will get the federal tax out of the price of domestic product, unless you think it wise to pay your federal taxes twice with only one benefit or your a like Mitt, getting rich on imports being sold without the federal tax burden. Karl Marx called the progressive income tax the greatest tool of communism.

If the option comes own to a Nationalist Republican candidate verses a Nationalist liberal, we will continue with the statist quo, devoid of teaparty values. I will be third party, so stop and make the GOP tent cleansed of Nationalists.  Small government does not mean small nationalism.  It means going by the Constitution.

Incidently, you cannot be a libertarian in the Federal realm.  The Constitution does not empower the federal Government to control morals or property,making the Constitution Libertarian already. The line of peril of libertarian anarchy is a  State battle, not federal. 

Embrace Constitutionalist candidates the Federal level and save our Republic. Period.

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