December 16, 2011

Governor Huckabee~ 'Big Government Is America's Biggest Threat'

Mike Huckabee

Big Government Is Like Lung Cancer...

From my radio show The Huckabee Report :

A new Gallup Poll found that for all the howling about Wall Street, a whopping 64 percent of Americans believe that big government is actually the biggest threat to America, compared to only 26 percent who picked big business and 8 percent who named big labor. I wonder what the result would be if they were allowed to choose a fourth alternative: the unholy alliance between all three of them? Sweetheart deals between big government, big business and big labor are what's killing small business and job creation and driving deficits through the roof. But if you have to pick just one, big government is the right answer, because that's the fountain from which all other abuses flow. Big business and big labor wouldn't be able to press unfair advantages if we didn't have big government making its power all too readily available in exchange for political support. In an ominous sign for President Obama's reelection, fear of big government has leaped in the past two years. 64 percent of independents came down against big government, and since Obama took office, even the number of Democrats who think it's our biggest threat has jumped from 32 to 48 percent. Not that they'll vote against it, of course. But it might at least dampen their enthusiasm for showing up at the polls to actively support it.

It seems as if every couple of decades, Americans forget what it means to have a giant, activist government trying to micromanage every corner of our lives. So the voters fall for the promises of the left that Washington can solve all their problems, and hand power to the progressives, as they did in 2008. Unfortunately, by the time they realize their mistake, enough damage has been done that it takes decades to undo it, if that's possible at all. Big government is like lung cancer: once you have it, it's so hard to reverse it that it's best to do everything you can to avoid getting it in the first place.

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Occupy Wall Street Needs New Rhetoric

If the Occupy Wall Street protesters would like a break from interfering with truckers and longshoremen, they might want to take five minutes to update their rhetoric. They keep telling us that the top one percent of earners control most of the wealth and make a larger and larger share of all income. They even made out like bandits during the recession. That would be worrying, if it were true. But the New York Times analyzed federal tax data and found that the economic downturn cost the rich big time. Turns out that from 2007 to 2009, the average income of the top one percent dropped by nearly a third. Their share of all income fell from 23 to 17 percent. Most also took a big hit on accumulated wealth, since the stock market is still 20 percent below where it was in 2007. Of course, none of this will gin up any sympathy for the rich. And they'll probably survive just fine. But it shows that fixing America's economy is a lot more complicated than standing in front of a truck and pointing fingers at people who earn more than you. It will take knowledge of real economic facts, not just slogans. Newt Gingrich took a lot of friendly fire in his first big debate as the GOP frontrunner. But he appears to have sailed through in one piece. The latest polls show him solidifying his lead in South Carolina and Florida. But with that top tier status come attacks from all sides. The DNC has begun circulating a video, accusing Gingrich of being the "original Tea Partier," a man who was willing to gut federal spending and shut down Washington to get a tax cut. Frankly, that sounds more like they're trying to win the GOP nomination for Gingrich.



Mike Huckabee


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