November 06, 2011

What will 999/FairTax do for home prices? Will they cost 9% more? check it out

the reduction of the corporate tax from 25% to 9% and the removal of payroll tax(SSI&Medicare) and the reduction of income taxes will lower the retail price of houses as all federal taxes mentioned are embedded in the price of domestic product.

The 999/FairTax are both neutral in tax revenue collectin and are a shift in where the taxes are collected to bring back jobs to the USA, the jobs we lost due to free trade without changeing from the closed border tax structure we know as the IRS."

As to the dropping of property value, a day will come when it will shoot up like a rocket, when the Federal Reserve printing of money catches up with reality. HOld on to what you can and buy what you can if you need a home. Inflation is coming like a roaring lion.

Our only hope is 999/FairTax, which will lower USA Product prices about 15% to compete with imports, thus expanding US Industry at an hyper growth of over 10% of GDP for many years following the implementation of both steps.
  • R. George Dunn
    This link shows you what the prebate is to make it so no one pays any federal tax until after poverty cceiling spending, monthly before you spend your money or not, your choice to pay taxes or not, no more IRS gistopo hanging over your ever...y move.

    Also this link will show you what your tax burden will be once both steps are enacted and we are under FairTax.

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    If everyone knew all there is to know, they would not do half the things they do, including myself, therefore I must foregive them, including myself.

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