October 23, 2011

video: "Heritage Singers / "Oh Happy Day" (music video)"

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"Oh Happy Day" from the Heritage Singers DVD "Live, In Concert From Prague" featuring Tim Davis. This music video was filmed during Heritage Singers Czech Republic/Slovakia tour.
Directed, filmed and edited by Art Mapa. Additional camera by Dave Bell, Warren Judd and Austin Mapa.
Appearances: Tim Davis, Melody Davis, Val Mace-Mapa, Scott Reed, Holly Reed, Tim Calhoun, Shani Diehl, Dave Bell, Max Mace, Adriane Mace, Heritage (video) Band: Nino Ocampo on bass, Dani Stromback on keys, Christian Cummings on drums and Art Mapa on guitar.

Studio Musicians: Steve Brewster on drums, Dave Cleveland and Art Mapa on guitars, Mark Hill on bass and Jason Webb on keys.

"Oh Happy Day" is from the "Be Free" CD.


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