October 29, 2011

FairTax Friday l Facebook for FairTax plus FairTax Radio!



"We must open the doors of opportunity. But we must also equip our people to walk through those doors." - Lyndon B. Johnson 

Facebook for FairTax plus FairTax on Radio!

The media has been talking about Facebook for years, but do you know how you can use it to enact the FairTax?

Social networking can be found on multiple websites but Facebook is the most popular for sharing information with friends and family.

You might be surprised at how many people around you use Facebook to regularly communicate.  In fact, it now enjoys over 800 million active users with more than half of those users logging into the site at least once daily. The average user has 130 friends and there are 900 million things like fan pages, events and groups that people interact with! That's a lot of people who can find out about the FairTax!

Consider your potential to recruit new FairTax supporters among your Facebook friends! Now combine that with the nearly 100,000 fans of FairTax.org and you can see our opportunity.

Yesterday, Facebook activists demonstrated how quickly they could tell others about the FairTax. We posted the picture below and asked 500 fans to share it with all their friends. As of today, over 1,400 FairTaxers took up the challenge and around 180,000 friends of FairTax supporters saw one reason why they should support our cause! Now that's impressive. Thank you!

"This Person" Facebook picture

Share this picture with your friends here!

So, if you want an easy way to share the power of the FairTax with friends, use Facebook! Our official page is at Facebook.com/fairtax.org and the largest group of FairTax activist is at FairTax 2012.

The White House FairTax Petiton Response

Yesterday, the White House responded to the FairTax petition on the We the People website. We're assembling a response, but it's clear their analysis wasn't factual.

You can go to FairTax.org/Facts for details on how the FairTax positively affects the middle class, FairTax.org/Education for information about the FairTax untaxing tuition and FairTax.org/TaxPanel for a rebuttal to the tax panel which didn't examine the FairTax bill as written.

We're moving forward in the knowledge that neither this administration or the previous embraced the FairTax. It's up to us to keep educating those around us!

Grassroots Spotlight - Danny Higgins

Danny is one of the nation's most active FairTax volunteers. His official titles over the years have been District Director, Indiana State Director, FAST board member and his online efforts have been just as impressive. He's started large FairTax Facebook groups and is a great help with the official Facebook page as well. 

Danny recently posted a challange to us on Facebook:

Danny Higgins shares the FairTax

Our thanks go out to Danny for his years of ideas, insight, energy, time and resources. His wife, Diana, also has been an integral reason for his sucess.

Is someone your FairTax inspiration? Tell their story and email us at media@fairtax.org

The FairTax in the News

Herman Cain's other tax plan has credibility - Bloomberg Bussinessweek

Herman Cain does not believe that his 9-9-9 Plan is the best long-term choice for the U.S. Tax Code. Surprised? It's right there on his website. The pizza magnate and Republican Presidential candidate sees his triple-9 proposal as an interim fix and advocates another tax plan entirely for the long run. Vows Cain at hermancain.com: "Amidst a backdrop of the economic renewal created by the 9-9-9 Plan, I will begin the process of educating the American people on the benefits of continuing the next step to the Fair Tax."..

Why doesn't Cain go straight to the FairTax, if he thinks it's a better solution? Richard Lowrie, Cain's adviser on economic issues, responds in an e-mail saying, "The country is tired of economists passing up something great, while they hold out for their own view of perfect, and in doing so, sentence the country to more of the same." The tax plan that sounds like a pizza price is, evidently, not going away…

Fair Tax is better option than 9-9-9 - The Florida Times-Union Editorial

...Cain has done a national service by putting tax reform on the table, but his 9-9-9 plan needed to have been vetted long before the presidential campaign.

The Fair Tax makes more sense. And a general lowering of tax rates while removing deductions would do just as much good for the economy.

That is the basic proposal of candidate Jon Huntsman, but his plan, like his candidacy, suffers from a lack of hype or a catchy slogan...

Featured Video:

Gov Gary Johnson on FairTax in debate

Gov Gary Johnson prescribes the FairTax!

Ways to Engage:

- Send Congress an e-fax

- Stay updated and  engage on Facebook

- Follow us on Twitter

- Find a local leader

- Distribute handouts

 - Get FairTax gear

- Send an e-card

- Join FairTax 2012

- Contact the media

- Calculate your tax rate

- Get FairTax graphics

- Understand the basics

- Join FairTaxNation

- Fund grassroots efforts

Featured Paper:

FairTax Fundamentals Paper

The FairTax Fundaments and Facts Summary

FairTax Radio:

Date: Monday, 10/31 at 10:30 am EST

Station: 1310 AM WIBA on Outside the Box

Featuring: FairTax.org Spokesman Doug Friedrichsen

Where: Madison, WI and streaming online

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Featuring: FairTax.org Spokesman Doug Friedrichsen

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Date: Tuesday, 11/01 at 10:30 am EST

Station: 1230 AM WCLO on Your Radio Show

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Where: Janesville, WI and streaming online

Have a radio tip? Email radio@fairtax.org. Thanks!

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