August 12, 2011

National Popular Vote FUTURE NEWS: "Dateline Lansing, MI, Nov 9, 2012 - Voters in Michigan

John Crawford
FUTURE NEWS: "Dateline Lansing, MI, Nov 9, 2012 - Voters in Michigan, after struggling for 12 years to turn the state around mired in a deep single state recession, cast 52.9% of their 3, 815,233 votes for the Republican nominee for U.S. President, Mitt Romney, on Tuesday. Romney's celebration in the State appears to be short-lived, however:
"The campaign was a long and hard-fought battle for Michigan's 16 Electoral votes. It is estimated that both major campaigns spent over $27.4 Million in Michigan. President Obama carried Michigan in 2008 with 56.9% of Michigan's vote.

ever, because of a special side-deal agreement that the Michigan Legislature entered into in late 2011 with 15 other States, the Legislature will be casting all 16 of Michigan's Electoral votes to re-elect Barack Obama, setting aside the State Popular Vote in Michigan(see below). Nationally, Obama received 50.8% of the popular vote. The agreement, or "Compact", requires Michigan to cast all of its votes according to the NATIONAL Popular Vote and to ignore its own STATE Popular vote.

"Major metropolitan areas in Los Angeles, Detroit, Las vegas, New York (Manhattan) and Seattle are reporting record-level voter turnouts this election, all above 95%. Lawsuits have been filed in 13 States, so far since Tuesday, demanding recounts because of the closeness of the election results and the abnormally high voter turnout."
THE GENIUS OF the Electoral College is that it turns the 50 States into the equivalent of 50 watertight compartments on an ocean liner: a problem in one compartment can be isolated and then fixed, before the whole thing sinks.


    • John Crawford This system is an American original—no nation before ever set up government the way the American Founders did. And no nation ever enjoyed so much success.

      The American system of states is Federalism. One part of it is the Electoral College, the state-by-state way we elect the President of the United States.
      Defending Federalism, the Electoral College, and the Constitution of the United States of America

      If everyone knew all there is to know, they would not do half the things they do, including myself, therefore I must foregive them, including myself.

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