July 14, 2011

'Why the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact should die' WSJ

Founders established electoral with more then two Political Parties in mind & to curb largess States(Cities) from dominating Presidential Elections, 1/3 of Federal Government. There is a push amongst the States by those who think Nationalizing the Federal Government is a good idea and are supporting a measure to make the Presidential Election by popular vote, not the current Electoral Constitutional Law.
The following link speaks to the Massachusetts attempt to make that State one of a future coalition of such States, bypassing the Constitution. We did the same thing with the U.S. Senate and gave it the popular vote.  Now, instead of the Senator being loyal to the Sovereignty of his State Legislatures desire,Senators are now loyal to the Lobbyists with the people molded vote being that of the Media's.
I say: Repeal the 17th Amendment and put the loyalty of the U. S. Senate back to the State Governments and Leave our current Electoral College Laws as are. Look at the history of our Constitution and then think, liberty. We are better served by each County holding a Caucus before we go to the national Bake sale.
Faithless Lawmakers

'Why the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact should die - Wall Street Journal http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703578104575397100729241576.html

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