June 04, 2011

Tennessee Legislature, 98 to 0 Counters Ogilarchy of SCOTUS on Ten Commandment Courthouse Display

The Ten Commandments once posted in County Circuit Judge Roy Moore's courtroom Throughout America's rich history, asserts a Tennessee House Resolution that was passed 98-0 this week, both the citizenry and their elected officials alike have deeply...
my comment:
The Federal Government shall make no Law respecting Religion. Is, was a State issue before the 14th Amendment, which now states that all government shall make no law.  The Supreme Court in determining Judge Roy Moore having to remove his Ten Commandment display of respect has in fact made law respecting Religion.
Now Tennessee Legislature has taken on the Oligarchy of the Supreme Court and told their State, by unanimous vote, that they may do as they will in displaying the ten Commandments, a grand precedent in tenth Amendment authority over the Federal Government in the abuse of the Constitution, removing the unconstitutional dictates of the US Supreme Court. Thank you Tennessee~

If everyone knew all there is to know, they would not do half the things they do, including myself, therefore I must forgive them, including myself.

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