June 16, 2011

Obamacare rations Seniors healthcare; Ryan plan rations based on income; Cain plan ends entitlements w/25 year transition

Our Federal entitlement programs  are all unsustainable, much because of the fox in the hen house daily. Teaparty wants the Federal Government to find it's way back to the Constitution. To do that we must map out a transition back. If we wait to fix our problem, the young people will not tolerate the taxation needed to sustain Entitlements and will demand they be eliminated, cold turkey. Thus, we must act now for the sake of the elderly and all for a secure future.

Paul Ryan has set in motion the beginnings of such action by providing the shift of Medicare from federal management to the private sector and at the same time making it affordable for the poor and funnelling out coverage for the rich via voucher system. Ryan has also repealed the portion of Obamacare that will cut 500 Billion dollars from medicare to another program which will bring into work the rationing Boards already set up. It has been admitted by liberal lawmakers that the purpose of the rationing is to allow more funds for other programs, youthful ones. You tell me who is threatening seniors.

We need to move to State mandated privately owned HSA/IRAs as Presidential Candidate Herman Cain has advocated, locally invested to replace Social Security and Federal Healthcare, all Federal entitlements.  This will work as it takes out of the equation the Government fingers in your savings. President Reagan fixed Social Security, but Congress simply stole the funds leaving an IOU which incidental is not being recorded as part of the 14 trillion dollar debt. We are closer to 80 trillion in debt and growing. We need to get back to the Constitution and get the Federal tax out of where it is now hidden in the price of domestic product, to which we who work pay twice by not buying imports. Huh, jobs by changing the tax structure, ironic.
By making for a end date certain of allowing new participants in the Federal entitlements, we can move to constitutional conduct of the federal government thus ending the attack form within to destroy the Constitution. Mr. Cain recommends using the age of 40 to draw the line of justice in that they have been paying into the system at least 20 year and deserve a return.  The Congressman Paul Ryan plan which is a rationing by income, can be used to provide even greater justice to taxpayer who have paid.  You can use their tax records or go to 20 years old with a pro-rating of return for invested taxes n entitlements.
Imagine your 20 and instead of sending the government your social security and medicare payments, you invest into first, a Health savings account giving you instant full coverage health care. You never get sick and the payments keep going into your medical savings account, building into a retirement IRA, while always having funds for a catastrophic full coverage insurance.
The HSA/IRAs, privately owned, can be invested into local banks or credit unions under a specifically framed account. This can be a voluntary practice or each State can determine if it should be mandatory. If not mandatory, the end of universal emergency room care will be ended. Can't have one without the other. Enough of taxing on this and insurance companies in voluntary States would have to charge a large premium under the care we have today in ERs should a State stay voluntary. States can and some already have a similar HSA setup for welfare or disabled citizens.
Yup, President Obama wants to ration Senior citizens, Congressman Ryan wants to ration based on income and Herman Cain wants to end the unconstitutional entitlements, thus solving the fiscal collapse they will bring, by privatizing healthcare and retirement. 
This is all possible if we can afford it.  The only way to do so and for that matter preserve the USA as a viable Union of fifty nations, is to enact fairtax. Our current tax structure is a left over form the closed border days which put all the federal tax into the price of American made product. With free trade, we have handicapped our American industry with a 22% tariff like hidden tax embedded in the price of USA goods. By changing to the Fairtax Consumption tax, we will once again be able to compete and get back jobs galore.
Constitutional conduct, HSA/IRAs and Fairtax please,
R. George Dunn
An HSA is:

What is an HSA Plan? | eHow.com

What is an HSA Plan?. A Health Savings Account (HSA) is a plan that enables you to put pre-tax dollars into an account to pay for health care costs and ...

If everyone knew all there is to know, they would not do half the things they do, including myself, therefore I must foregive them, including myself.

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