June 23, 2011

FreedomWorks is organizing the Teaparty Patriots to support the deathly flattax. Stop them for the Fairtax

Walt Bagley ~
I went to a tea party event the other evening. There was a talk on the FairTax followed by a talk on the flat tax. Followed by a Q & A session. The flat tax was presented by the state director for Freedom Works. He said he thinks the FairTax is a great idea "BUT". He said you have to repeal the 16th amendment first but there has only been one amendment that was ever repealed. The process is too hard. We would not want to have both the FairTax and then have Congress introduce a new income tax during the seven year period we are trying to repeal the amendment. A flat tax would be easier to pass through Congress. He did say he was not promoting HR-1040 but did not have an actual bill for a flat tax.

Press availability on Monday June 27th at 10am in the FreedomWorks office
--(BUSINESS WIRE)--FreedomWorks:
"We think about the Tea party movement in phases"
WHAT: FreedomWorks will be hosting some of the top grassroots activists from across the country for a comprehensive training boot camp from June 24-27th in the FreedomWorks Headquarters. These activists will be leading the charge on numerous state and national battles in the months leading into the 2012 elections....cont
My comment:
We have witnessed the Freedomworks Group leaders bury a polling done on what is the most important issue. Fairtax gained 90%<> support and the closest competitive plank was flattax at 7%. There has been an underlying fear of this group not being true to the Patriot cause. Now we have evidence .  The Flattax was used by President Reagan when he gave us freetrade to counter the effects of a closed border tax in an open border trade policy. We have witness the effect of leaving the same tax structure in place by streamlining it.  Congress has sold lobbyists over 1,200 amendments to the Reagan flattax. Now we have what appears to be an stealth RINO group attempting to stir us into the same destructive plan.
 We have lost jobs steadily since free trade was implemented and we have seen our Nations deficit spending increase every year, even in what they claimed to be prosperous years.  We have been told service jobs will replace our lost industry, that high tech industry will sustain our growth fiscally. None of this was true.
The question must be asked, why would our smartest leaders in Washington act so dumb? What is their mission?  It certainly is not for the benefit of the American people, either party.  If you step back, you will see how both parties have danced us down this road of socialism until we are now on the brink of fiscal collapse. Ask yourself, why would DC not change when the GOP gain the two branches Under President Bush43. It upset the puppet master who found his strings suddenly all wound up. So what became the mission, pork pork pork. 
Let us not let our new found wakeup teaparty Patriot mission be stirred into the ditch. Stand against this attempt to squish our path to liberty and freedom. With Fairtax, be sure to follow up with Constitutional conduct. Begin by reducing non entitlement spending 10% every year until it is cleaned up. Enact Fairtax to gain back our industry, Make a date certain with a 25 yr plan to transition all entitlements back to the States our the individual by recommending private HSA/IRAs locally invested.  This will end unconstitutional action by the Federal Government, reducing their taxation by over 90%, leaving we the people and our States the revenue needed to do what is the power entitled by the Constitution.
State legislatures need to be held accountable for their actions in nullifying the tyrannical coupe by the Federal Government. In them lies the immediate Power to get this done. The Article five of the Constitution holds the key to control over our Federal Government. The preached fears of a Constitutional Convention destroying the Constitution is false. Any resolution in that Convention must meet the approval of 38 State legislatures. That is a far less threat then the Coupe that is happening right before our eyes.  Remember the frog in a cold water filled frying pan, who did not see the change in temperature until he cooked to death. Our apathy has near destroyed us. Jump People, for our Liberty!!!

To understand how our Nation got to this fiscal mess and what is needed to fix it,
go to this page http://bit.ly/c9u3X3
The future for our Children's children depends on our tenacity to Re-Founding America, now~ 
Here is undeniable proof Freedomworks is for keeping the corrupting current tax structure and leaving the federal taxes embedded in American good:  http://t.co/RwQyTQD
If everyone knew all there is to know, they would not do half the things they do, including myself, therefore I must forgive them, including myself.

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