December 01, 2010

Who won the debate between Fairtax John Linder & flattax Steve Forbes

 Did you know that you paid the payroll tax and income tax on the raising and handling of that turkey to your dinner table? When an employer sells his product he has to pass on the expenses in the price. Another way to loook at it is you pay taxes by your wages taken from you. Then you go to the store to buy something and pay for those wage taxes again. Sad for us isn't it.

It is obvious you who speak ill of Fairtax know not what is happenning to you with our current tax system which is what the proposed flattax by the corporates want in order to keep their lobbyist scheme of bribing for tax waivers from congr...ess. think these facts: Why keep the flattax as it double taxes workers? You pay your payroll and income tax and the employer puts it in the price of usa made goods. You go buy that good and you again pay your taxes. If we want to get manufacturing back from overseas, we need equity in taxing of imports and domestic production.

Take a loaf of bread. How much of the price is hidden tax? Time for America to wake up to truth of our taxation.
James A. Hodges 11:54pm Nov 28

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