October 28, 2010

Michael Moon Withdraws..Endorses John Kupiec for U.S. Congress #Mi05. Now if Glenn in #Mi01, now is not...


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Subject: Fw: Michael Moon Withdraws and Endorses John Kupiec for U.S. Congress
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This is great news for the Congressional 5th. Now, if Glenn Wilson will follow suit in the Congressional 1st, that would be great!  (We love what Glenn stands for -especially because he understands that enacting the FairTax will "cut the cord" that binds us to tyranny, but now is NOT the time for a third party.)

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Subject: Michael Moon Withdraws and Endorses John Kupiec for U.S. Congress

U.S. 5th. Congressional candidate Michael Moon has withdrawn from the race and has endorsed John Kupiec. Mike has asked that his supporters from the Republican, Democrat, Libertarian and Independent Parties join him in working to help elect Mr. Kupiec.

I personally endorses John Kupiec and have been working to help elect John and other principled conservatives to office. Please join us for a last minute push to make some seriously needed changes in Lansing and Washington.

Loren Bearup

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