October 22, 2010

#Mi- Steven Mobley for #Michigan Rep. Educates Voters on Michigan FairTax

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Steven L Mobley for State Representative  The Right Choice...  to Right Michigan
Mobley Seeks to Educate Voters on the Michigan FairTax Proposal

Steve Mobley leaves no question about where he stands on the often-misunderstood Michigan FairTax Proposal, though he admits that educating the public on the topic poses its challenges.

"The benefits offered by the Michigan FairTax Proposal are so numerous and benefit Michigan's citizens on so many fronts, that it's hard to know where to start when trying to explain it to someone, even though the plan itself is pretty simple," said Mobley Thursday evening.  "The impact on job creation alone is enough to win my support, but that's just the tip of the iceberg.  A lot of people have no idea that the FairTax includes a 'prebate' provision, which virtually eliminates taxes on necessities and essentially untaxes the poor and lowers the effective tax rate on most lower and middle income families.  Worse, people are being told that this is an additional tax, when in fact, it's a REPLACEMENT TAX that eliminates so many other taxes as to allow for an overall reduction in the price of most goods and services while providing local governments with stable, guaranteed revenue on which they can budget for things like police and fire protection and improvements to infrastructure, which are also factors businesses look for when considering where to invest.  It's a cycle that feeds itself in a very favorable way for everyone involved—businesses and families alike."

According to MIFAIRTAX.ORG, the proposed 9.75% sales tax will replace the current sales tax, Personal Income Tax, the Michigan Business Tax, Personal Property Tax, 6 Mil State Education Tax on business and sales tax on all business purchases, while providing a more stable revenue source and raising the same amount of money for Michigan government.

"The biggest benefit to the taxpayers is that it eliminates a lot of potential for corruption in the form of tax favors given by politicians.  It shouldn't surprise us when we see politicians opposed to this," said Mobley.  "I want to go to the Michigan House to level the playing field, so that all businesses have an equal chance to grow and thrive and provide jobs right here in Michigan.  We've been letting politicians use our  tax system to pick winners and losers and purchase loyalty.  I'm opposed to that.  I want everyone to succeed."

Transparency is another aspect of the FairTax Mobley wants Michigan's citizens to understand.  "Under the Michigan FairTax, there will be no more hidden taxes raising the cost of things we buy.  Every cent of our tax burden will be labeled as such on our sales receipts.  Michigan citizens and businesses spend billions of dollars a year just in compliance costs.  Those aren't even the taxes themselves.  That's just the cost of filing the forms, hiring the accountants, and frankly, looking for loopholes.  The Michigan FairTax allows that money to be poured back into our economy and closes the loopholes."

For more information on the Michigan FairTax, citizens can go to www.mifairtax.org.
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