October 05, 2010

Mi Fairtax Clarion~ Grassroots Action=JOBS in Michigan


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mifairtax.org official newsletter vol. 17
Americans are getting smarter, and more informed!  They are more aware and are referencing independent sources like factcheck.org to establish the authenticity of claims made in political advertising. It is often true that such advertising is not an outright lie, so much as a distortion or omission of fact that makes the ad misleading. The Clarion Sentinel believes that the amount of money being spent in an attempt to discredit the FairTax, and those who are its advocates, reflects the fear and panic of the ruling elite that the public will ultimately prevail with a FairTax. They fear aroused citizens will vote to turn back decades of corruption in Lansing and Washington. They fear being forced by voters to give their power back to the people. Fear motivates the candidate or political entity to spend millions of dollars nation wide to attack those proposing fairness for all. The FairTax is WINNING!  We have forced the opposition to spend wildly from its coffers, to deplete its financial resources, in an attempt to beat back the rising wave of support for a Federal and State FairTax. The ruling elite are running scared that they will lose their grip on power.
IT IS TIME THEY WHERE BANISHED! It is time to recognize that fear based misleading advertising is not the tool which wins us honest representatives, it is the tool destroying our country and our freedoms, and its perpetrators must be banished at the ballot box in November.. I would love to see a cartoon where Uncle Sam is in the grip of a gigantic python, the python is named income tax, and Uncle Sam is being squeezed to death by the monster snake. It is exactly what many Washington and Lansing politicians are doing with the current income tax system, squeezing the life blood out of our economy and our daily lives!

Donald S "Doby" Dobrosky Sr: Editor in Chief
James MadisonI cannot undertake to lay my finger on that article of the Constitution which granted a right to Congress of expending, on objects of benevolence, the money of their constituents: James Madison
It is time for Michigan FairTax supporters to check out their candidates for the Nov. 2nd General Election. For Governor, the FairTax cannot claim any territory since neither Virg Bernaro, or Rick Snyder have endorsed the Michigan FairTax, however, Snyder's Lt Governor, Brian Calley, has endorsed the proposal. Ken Proctor (Libertarian) and Stacy Mathia (US Taxpayer Party), have both spoken positively about a state and national FairTax. Michigan has 4 candidates for Congress that advocate the national FairTax, and 56 candidates running for the Michigan legislature that advocate for the Michigan FairTax. This is tremendous growth for our FairTax proposals. It is up to us to see how many of these candidates we can get elected to office. On our web site is a listing of Michigan FairTax candidates for the state and federal legislatures.  The Clarion suggests you approach your candidates that are FairTax advocates and offer your support, and also the other candidates to encourage them to become MI FairTax/FairTax advocates. We can hold their feet to the fire and demand an up or down answer to the personal question. "If you are elected, will you co-sponsor the FairTax act in Congress, or for Michigan legislative candidates, will you advocate placing the MI FairTax on the ballot to give Michigan citizens the chance to vote on the issue?" "Yes! or NO!"
Editor in Chief:
Donald S "Doby" Dobrosky Sr.
MIFairTax, the solution providing Michigan a bright future!

        Remove hidden taxes from goods and services.
Create Michigan JOBS, a magnet for business growth.

Protect everyone from taxation on necessities.
Untax everyone's consumption up to poverty level.

       Guarantee citizens a larger share of their earnings.
By Working, By Saving, By Investing.

Eliminate the buying and selling of tax favors.
The cancer which is destroying our state government.

        ONLINETAXREVOLT  277,312
and growing!
        Our goal 1 million strong.

 Call to Arms 
Millions and millions of us, that is what it will take. The opposition, the entrenched interests, will not give up their territory because of shouting or pleading, they will listen only when their jobs are threatened.  They will understand that the Tea Party, FairTax, Liberty Alliance, 912 groups, and just plain ole Americans cannot accept the politics of those who are out to destroy our country and its middle class dreams. The 97 year experiment with the income tax is a total corrupt disaster. The only answer is complete tax reform, and it is going to take every politician hearing on every street corner and in every meeting that we the individual citizen, the common man, the man who made America great no longer believes the charade and manipulation that our country's jobs are being taken over by cheap foreign labor. That system, based on the Federal Income tax, has sounded the death knell for jobs all over the country.
Are you ready to fight? The United States quickly put together Armed Forces that led to victory in WW II. Our strength is in innovation, and we have the tools to meet the enemy. The Internet expands our reach to everyone on our e-mail list. It's time to put together our FairTax Army. Millions and millions of voters who say quite simply "Give us a FairTax"! Those in Washington and Lansing can not stand against millions of informed voters. We do have the power to take our country back, to demand a FairTax! The Statue of Liberty, broken chains at her feet symbolizing unjust rule, lifts her lamp beside the golden shore, let her torch be the symbol that lights the 67,000 page tax code on fire, a fire seen round the world, the United States is free of her Income Tax.

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     Your Michigan FairTax Association is on the move! We are partnering with like minded groups who will place the FairTax message of responsible fiscal policy before an even bigger audience. Michigan's 5th congressional district has planned a district "Voter family education
rendezvous". Sponsors of this event include four Tea Party groups, iCaucus, The Michigan FairTax Association, with more to come.
      Make plans to be at Advanced Ranges, Inc.
1096 N Center Rd. Burton, MI 48509-1425, phone 1-800-715-2000. That's the East side of Flint, just North of I-69. The time is 10am to 2pm, and the organizers have already projected an attendance of better than 600. Here's your chance to meet folks who are organizing the troops for the war we have begun to fight with those who distort and misrepresent the FairTax for political gain. We welcome your attendance and support for this second big event in two months. Our last big gathering was in Mackinaw City the night before the Mackinac Bridge Walk where Herman Cain, a national FairTax advocate, gave the keynote address. It's all about grassroots effort!
Join with us and we cannot be beat. The Michigan FairTax, the Voice Of Tax Excellence!

EXTRA, EXTRA: Romeo Area Tea Party holds a Town Hall with Rick Snyder, Friday Oct. 8th at 5:30 pm. Location: Capitol Banquet Center 12350 31 Mile Rd. East of VanDyke. This event is open to the public.
Current Events!
Friday Oct 8th, 7:00pm
Onaway TEA Party
Locate an event or see what's going on at our website

Schedule an event!

A FairTax speaker can be be obtained for any group in Michigan who requests such a program. Contact:
Contribute to JOBS,
JOBS, and more

$5 dollars a month can raise over one hundred thousand dollars


Your contribution helps bring JOBS to Michigan


Nov. 2, 2010



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