October 15, 2010

#Mi- Congressional Candidates Challenged to Debate whether Fairtax is a tax increase or the Replacement tax it is

Michigan FairTax Association
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October 15, 2010
Contact: Roger Buchholtz  (269) 345-0950
                   President, Michigan FairTax Assn
Debate challenge seeks truth about "23% sales tax" TV/print ads by Democrats in 4 Congressional District contests.
(Kalamazoo, MI) - In four of Michigan's Congressional Districts ads have been running in which misinformation about the FairTax is being used as a means to attack candidates that support the FairTax replacement tax.  In each case the candidate and/or their surrogates at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) or the Michigan Democratic Party have put out ads or literature that imply that the FairTax is a new tax on top of all other current taxes, in spite the fact that some other Democratic candidates support the FairTax.

FactCheck.org says the ads are false, as the FairTax is a REPLACEMENT tax.  The FairTax replaces most all current federal taxes and eliminates the IRS.  The facts are that the FairTax ELIMINATES the income tax, Social Security & Medicare taxes and death & gift taxes and replaces their revenue with a simple retail sales tax that will save taxpayers $500 billion each year in tax compliance cost.  Americans will then receive their entire paychecks and when they spend their money they will be paying their taxes.

Roger Buchholtz, volunteer President of the non-partisan Michigan FairTax Association said, "We hereby challenge all parties disseminating this deceptive advertising to debate this issue at any time.  Specifically, we challenge the following candidates to debate whether the FairTax is an additional tax, as they have implied, or whether it is a replacement tax:

· 1st District's Gary McDowell, running the ads against Dan Benishek.
· 5th District's Dale Kildee, running the ads against John Kupiec.
· 7th District's Mark Schauer, running the ads against Tim Walberg.
· 9th District's Gary Peters, running the ads against Rocky Raczkowski.

If they choose not to debate us on this issue then we fully expect them to renounce the ads, cease running them and distributing the deceptive literature, and ask their surrogates and supporters to do likewise."

Buchholtz continued, "It is possible that ignorance of the FairTax proposal is the reason why these candidates have allowed this misleading information, and we are here to inform them at their convenience."
Buchholtz observed that the FairTax makes visible taxes that citizens now pay, but don't see: "Under the FairTax Americans will be able to see their true tax burden for the first time in generations, as the tax will appear on every sales receipt..  Today, by taxing businesses and all the labor and materials in the production of goods and services, much of our tax burden is hidden in the price of the things we buy. A Harvard University study concluded that 22% of the price of things we buy are taxes buried/hidden in the price.  This hidden tax is paid by all of us when we buy American produced products.  To make matters worse, we pay again when we lose our jobs because our company is placed at a 22% competitive disadvantage compared with foreign produced products."

"These attacks by the Michigan Democratic Party, the DCCC and some candidates are attempts to preserve the status quo, where politicians have power never intended by our Founding Fathers.  The FairTax eliminates this power by eliminating the buying and selling of tax favors which takes place under today's income tax system and corrupts our representative form of government resulting in an unresponsive and bloated government," Mr. Buchholtz asserted. He elaborated, "The truth is that the FairTax immediately saves over $500 billion per year (that is $1,700 for every man, woman and child in America) and brings jobs and prosperity back to America."

Buchholtz concluded by stating, "Dan Benishek, John Kupiec, Tim Walberg, Rocky Raczkowski, and other FairTax advocates, are showing leadership by offering a bold new idea, and courage because that new idea eliminates the special tax favors some powerful special interests derive from the current tax code."

For a complete list of Michigan candidates that advocate both the MI FairTax and the national FairTax, visit www.mifairtax.org. More information on the subject national FairTax can be viewed at www.fairtax.org.

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