October 04, 2010

Help the person that is trying to unseat Pelosi, John Dennis ~@Icaucus


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The Pelosi Antidote

john_dennis Nancy Pelosi vs. ... who?  John Dennis, that's who. 

If you're fed up with Nancy Pelosi's method of shoving President Obama's agenda of "fundamental change" down America's throat, there is an alternative.

Even though it may seem like every Republican candidate in America is running against Nancy Pelosi this year, there is only one candidate actually running against Pelosi in her own district.  He is an accomplished businessman and entrepreneur named John Dennis, and he's endorsed by iCaucus. 

John Dennis is FOR:
  • Liberty
  • Adherence to the Constitution
  • Smaller government
  • Free markets
  • Lower taxes
  • Auditing the Federal Reserve
And he is AGAINST:
  • Bailouts
  • Irresponsible spending and debt
  • Institutionalized collectivism
  • Over reaching government
If that sounds like a refreshing change from the agenda you've seen from Nancy Pelosi, then please consider supporting John, and the 90+ other candidates endorsed by iCaucus.  If there is ever going to be a year to replace entrenched incumbents like Nancy Pelosi with principled candidates like John Dennis, this is that year!  Please don't wait for some other opportunity to make a difference.  This is it.  Please follow the link below and..

Donate to support iCaucus endorsed candidates.

To learn more about John Dennis visit his website at www.johndennis2010.com, or watch his interview on Freedom Watch with Judge Andrew Napalitano.

Watch Video: John Dennis interviewed on Freedom Watch

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