September 02, 2010

"FairTax will be the largest transfer of power from govt to the people since Declaration of Independence. That’s why the entrenched special interests are gearing up to defend their influence over Congress and our liberty


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R. George,
As you know, the FairTax will be the largest transfer of power from government to the people since the Declaration of Independence.
That's why the entrenched special interests are gearing up to defend their influence over Congress and our liberty. Those who want special treatment at the expense of the people are getting active in political campaigns to protect the status quo. They don't want the federal income tax system to change or be abolished and replaced with the FairTax.
Can you make a generous contribution today to help Americans for FairTax today?
Here's an example of what FairTax supporters face this election season. Recently we learned an Ohio congressional candidate, Jim Renacci, who openly supports the Fair Tax, is the subject of an attack advertisement full of lies and distortions. And we know lots more ads like this are in the works. Fortunately,,, has posted information to dispute these charges and help voters get the truth. FairTax is leading the charge to blunt tactics like these with talk show appearances, newspaper op-eds and response videos like this:
This illustrates how important your help is today. A generous donation of any size will go toward helping voters understand the transformative power of the FairTax. Can you send $50, $100 or $500 today?
Yes, entrenched and wealthy special interests are the avowed enemy of the FairTax. But with your help we can win because we have one thing they don't we have the truth on our side.
Unfortunately, we have an even bigger enemy - time. We need to reach as many voters as we can between now and the elections. You see, every time we reach a voter and make them a FairTax convert, the attack ads start to backfire on those who promote them.
Can we count on your support today? Please help spread the FairTax message across the country. Every dollar you give will go to voter education and mobilizing our supporters.
Thank you for your previous support. Fair Tax is a true grassroots movement, and we couldn't be successful without your help.
The FairTax Team

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