August 08, 2010

Patriot Call to Arms~Your vote is needed & Delegates available at 8/12 GOP County Convention

Here is a string of Tweets sent out. We need to rally at these county Conventions on 8/12 and be there to vote for Delegates of the same Founding Father Character, Constitutionist and FairTax supporter.
@MiGOP , Why #MI SOS & AG have to have a 8/28 State Convention delegate vote due to not 50% in primary & the #Migov don't. #Mitcot #Michigan #mrp #nra
#Mi Patriot, go to ur County Convention on 8/12, get elected w/like minded members, to State Convention & demand Migov Delegate Vote #mitcot
#Mi Patriot, find when & where your County Convention on 8/12 is go vote~Here is list of County w/phone# #mitcot
Why is the less then 50% for Governor Snyder the winner, when he does not meet the rules? And if the Govenror race is exempt, why and who made it so? This must be corrected.
R. George Dunn

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