July 16, 2010

Would Toyota be at it's current 4 to 1 performance over Govt owned GM w/ #FairTax enacted? Job banks will be calling U!

Americans for tax Reform ATR

When it Comes to Toyota, Congress Fails to Hit the Brakes

From Mattie Corrao on Friday, July 16, 2010 9:47 AM

Read more: http://www.atr.org/comes-toyota-congress-fails-hit-brakes-a5217#ixzz0tsGDED2g
quote form above linked Article by ATR

most profitable car company in America, Toyota consistently outperformed government-owned GM by a four-to-one ratio

My comment:
What would be the result of moving all imbedded tax out of USA Cars and taxing both imports and domestic cars equally with our Federal Tax overburden?(unconstitutional spending)
The Federal Legislation SR25/HR296 has had over 22 million dollars of vetting and tuning for this day.  Apply this to all product and we will see the USA prosper as we did before the day of handicap, free trade without changing a closed trade style tax structure.  With a shift of about 22% over to the cost of imports, a return to equity, the competition from imports will be defending from our exports :o)
Job Banks will be bidding on workers to hire. All can work and Govt taxation will drop dramatically, if we press for the Constitutional conduct of DC.  
R. George Dunn

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