July 26, 2010

#Mi01, Results of a Poll That Really Matters ~Tom Stillings for Congress

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Fellow Michiganders,

There have been several discussions recently touting that a straw poll placed Jason Allen and and Dan Benishek in a near tie in Michigan's 1st Congressional race. What few of the stories really discuss is either the details or the validity of the poll.

The poll, conducted by Inside Michigan Politics/Practical Political Consulting (IMP/PPC), was a robo-poll to 3000 households in the district. Of these, they received only 132 respondents. Of those 132 respondents, over 50% selected undecided. Are these results statistically valid? How were the phone numbers chosen, do they represent likely voters, do they adequately represent the vast geography of the 1st Congessional District? Even the publisher, Bill Ballenger was quoted in a MIRS story that these are "second-rate polls". He goes on to say, "that no independent pollsters are doing the congressional districts because it's too expensive." That is to say, this is not a valid, nor an independent poll.

Another poll was taken recently. Independence Caucus, a grassroots organization of individuals fed up with politicians corrupted by "Big Money", carefully vetted the candidates in the 1st district. The vetting process consists of an 80 question questionnaire which the candidate must complete in writing. If the candidate agrees with at least 70% of the positions stated in the questionnaire, he or she is invited to an interview.

Four candidates in the 1st District were invited to interview. An interview committee, made up of Michigan Independence Caucus volunteers, questioned each candidate individually for over an hour. Questions covered issues about the constitution, taxes, federal spending, bailout of private companies, individual liberties and many more.

Each interview was recorded and all Michigan Independence Caucus members were able to to listen to the interviews, discuss the candidates and then vote. Results of the first round of voting were:
  • Tom Stillings 36%
  • Linda Goldthorpe 28%
  • Dan Benishek 25%
  • Jason Allen 11%
Because no candidate received at least 60% of the vote, a runoff between the top two candidates (Stillings and Goldthorpe) was scheduled. Before the runoff could be completed, Linda Goldthorpe suspended her campaign. So the runoff was instead scheduled between the first and third candidates (Stillings and Benishek respectively).
Once the votes were counted, Tom Stillings received 68% of the vote to Benishek's 32%. Thus Tom Stillings received the Independence Caucus endorsement.

The Independence Caucus vote is a valid statewide poll of informed voters who do and will vote in the primary. After their thorough review of the candidates mentioned, the participants identified Tom Stillings as the most fiscally responsible, constitutionally-minded candidate in Michigan's 1st Congressional District. He is a private citizen who does not and will not accept donations in exchange for political influence. Nor is he a wealthy individual who has donated large sums of money to his own campaign.

Any interested citizen can listen to Tom's interview here.

Tom Stillings is the strongest candidate to represent Michigan's 1st District. Please vote for him on August 3.

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  1. What a joke. 31 people in the first district does not make a poll. that is all ICaucus had in that vote. 31 residents of the first district. At least three of whom were not allowed to vote. Last week, the Alpena Tea Party had over 40 people vote on who they would support. Dr. Benishek received 36 votes. Stillings got 2. He got less than Goldthorpe who isn't even in the race anymore. Stillings is at 2-4% in EVERY legitimate poll taken and has now resorted to slandering Dr. Benishek. Very sad.

  2. I will have verification on all this in next day or two and the Truth will prevail. Someone is lying and who it is will come out. May the honest Candidate win the conservative vote.


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