July 03, 2010

MI FairTax Assn Issuing Endorsements


Michigan FairTax Association
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UPDATE for Candidates for Michigan State Offices
July 2, 2010

MI FairTax Assn Issuing Candidate Endorsements

Happy July 4th Weekend, R. George ! 
We hope the Dunn campaign is busy and going well!   
The Michigan FairTax Association (MFTA) is Issuing Its Candidate Endorsements NOW!
As we have mentioned earlier, almost every candidate filed for state office this year - and there are over 710 running in the August Primary - have been in contact with the MI FairTax Association Leadership, have received copious amounts of documentation and other support materials.  Endorsements and physical support, such as local support at rallies, appearances and Letters to the Editor promoting and defending FairTax candidates is based on each Candidate's visible and active support for the FairTax issue.

MFTA Backing Candidates with 'Supporting Candidate' OR 'Endorsed Candidate'
Over the past months we have talked with most of you and a large number of candidates have returned our 2-Question questionnaire indicating that they are
  1. Backing the Voters' Rights to VOTE on the Ballot Issue, placing the FairTax on the Ballot; and/or
  2. Working to educate the public and promote support for the Michigan FairTax and back placing the FairTax on the Ballot
"Supporting Candidate"

The MI FairTax Association is issuing the status of "Supporting Candidate" to those Candidates that have responded to us via e-Mail or other writing that they have answered YES to either or both of those questions.

If you answered YES to the MFTA questions, you may qualify as a "Supporting Candidate"
SAMPLE MFT Supporting Candidate Seal
YOUR campaign will be able to use this official seal on all of your campaign materials, web pages, signs e-Mail blasts and elsewhere to show your constituents that you are backing the Michigan FairTax or at least their right to vote on the measure by working to place the MI FairTax on an upcoming General Election Ballot!

A Supporting Candidate is telling his or her constituents that he or she is searching for simple, viable solutions to giving Michigan families what we all NEED most - JOBS to choose from - and the MI FairTax just might be one of the best alternatives out there to consider!

To earn Supporting Candidate Status, just drop an e-Mail to John Crawford answering one or both of the above questions affirmatively and offering anyu other comments, questions or help you might need from the MFTA.

At minimum, the Supporting Candidate is backing the effort to place the measure on a General Election Ballot for Voters to make their choice.  In general, the Supporting Candidate believes that the MI FairTax represents a major improvement in Tax Policy for Michigan!

Supporting Candidates will be listed on the Michigan FairTax web site in a few days.

"Endorsed Candidate"

Many Candidates are actively and aggressively running with the Michigan FairTax plan as a key component of their Campaign strategy.  They are finding that the actual end-result benefits of what the FairTax delivers to Michigan is captivating the interest and support of their Voters!
They and other Candidates are working to educate the public about the FairTax, either directly in their campaign materials, their debate performances, their web sites, e-Mail blasts, handouts - or by inviting MI FairTax Officials to their functions to describe the FairTax plan to Voters.
Active FairTax Candidates Earn full MFTA Endorsement. (Click to see MI FairTax FAQ)
SAMPLE MFT Endorsed Candidate Seal
Many Candidates are earning the MFTA "Endorsed Candidate" status! To be an Officially Endorsed Candidate, you must be doing BOTH of the following -
  1. answered affirmatively to one or both of the questions above, AND
  2. be actively working in public to put the Michigan FairTax out there as an issue to get behind to solve Michigan's economic problems in a readily verifiable and public medium
Endorsed Candidates are receiving a higher level of support from the MFTA, including Press releases, support in online netwroking medis, FairTax Q&A presentations at your campaign meetings and fund raisers (as many a we can get cover!) and notification to the thousands of FairTax supporters in every House and Senate District in Michigan!
They are on the lookout for opportunities to support and defend FairTax candidates running in their local area!
The Michigan FairTax Association reserves the Right to Withhold the Support or Endorsement of Any Candidate for any or no reason.

Show Us Your Web Site, Email Blasts and/or Your Printed Materials
If you are actually running on the FairTax issue as a campaign strategy, that is ideal! At bare minimum, show us that you are telling your constituents that you will work to make sure Voters will get to vote on the FairTax Amendment.  Coupled with other communications, the MFTA will be issuing endorsements in your race.

IT IS POSSIBLE WE MAY HAVE MISSED YOUR FAIRTAX-related CAMPAIGN ACTIVITY!!!  If we have, PLEASE send us your link, your web page, your FaceBook page, LinkedIn, your videos, a JPG of your Campaign brochure, newspaper articles or other verifiable evidence of your public support for the MI FairTax.  (Send that right away to John Crawford.)
The MFTA may issue multiple endorsements in your race for this Primary Election based on the above criteria.
Being pro-active about the benefits of the measure is the best way to go! 

Your Best Defense is a Good Offense!
When you KNOW the issue, you will be most successful with that.  (Candidates who try to simply react defensively by defending their support for the FairTax rather than being pro-active will likely face the toughest problems.)
The MFTA and Real FairTax Candidates are OPPOSED to Raising the Sales Tax Rate OR to Spreading Sales Taxes to Services!     UNLESS, - - -

For example, like the MI FairTax Association is, you should be out front on and strongly opposed to elevating the Sales Tax Rate or adding the Sales Tax to Services (that's the Granholm plan!) - - - UNLESS: those measures are part of a comprehensive plan that does ALL Join the MFTA Now!!of the things that the MI FairTax does!
There is NO SUCH THING as "FairTax Lite"! 
Anyway, we wish you the best in this campaign home stretch!  Send me your Campaign web address showing your active support for the Michigan FairTax, a video clip where you are promoting the FairTax as your plan to move Michigan forward or scan and send a copy of your campaign literature that does the same thing!
We have speakers available to join you in campaign appearances to help field questions about the FairTax and your support for this forward-thinking, corruption-ending tax plan that will put Michigan Families back to work!
For all that it achieves, the MI FairTax
  • has the Broadest Tax BASE possible, which results in
  • the Lowest Tax RATE possible
  • Gets the cost of taxation OUT of the Prices of Michigan-made products, making Michigan Workers and Companies much, much more competitive!!
  • is incredibly simple and easy to understand,
  • is SUPER simple to administer and, because of all that
  • it restores Faith in our Government!
John J. Crawford
Executive Director
More information on the MI FairTax, including how citizens can become involved in the tax reform effort, is available at: www.mifairtax.org.  You can also download a wide array of support materials there, too!
Michigan FairTax Association | PO Box 703 | Sterling heights | MI | 48311

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