July 21, 2010

Fellow @GovMikeHuckabee supporters, I have to go against the Governor's MiGov pick and endorse Pete Hoekstra

Fellow Huckabee supporters,
As you know Gov. Huckabee has endorsed Mike Cox for Mi Gov.  I have been struggling with this and have held back on throwing my hat in a candidates ring for governor. 
If you have not heard, Pete Hoekstra has endorsed the Mi FairTax plan and will hold strategy sessions after the primary, if nominated to the GOP Governor ticket.  Mi FairTax is about to announce their endorsement of Pete.  We know the value of Fairtax and how Michigan could be the lead to bring this resolution to Michigan and America federally.  Thus, with great despair, I am going against Mike's endorsement and endorsing Rep Hoekstra for Governor. 
Pete is prolife and has all the values we hold to.  He has made mistakes in DC but for the most part has tried to steer this ship USA back to constitutional conduct by co-sponsoring the reference to the Constitutional permission on all resolutions, sponsored a bill to amend the Constitution making children under the authority of parents and not the government, endorsed fairtax, etc.  We need this man at this time in our history, a man not afraid to stand up and do the right thing as evidence in his servicing on the Intelligence committee and standing up to those who would weaken or destroy this nation.
In the recent Mi FairTax summit Pete Hoekstra was the keynote speaker and Governor Huckabee was the finale with a video to the summit supporting it's effort and commending Michigan to lead this Nation to fiscal recovery by enacting FairTax in Michigan, becoming the flame of liberty to sweep the land bringing fairtax to become our federal tax structure, thus healing our jobs shortage and return America to the American Dream.
Please give thought to this and join me in this support.  It does not in any way diminish my support for Governor Huckabee.  It simply means that despite Romney endorsing Hoekstra, I believe Pete will be his own man and lead Michigan back, thus leading America back to fiscal prosperity and the right to happiness once again ringing from the liberty bell.

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